Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
ART X MUSIC X FOOD and everything in between

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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

Significant others

Roodkapje is a porous cultural platform, we invite Others to program a Significant part of our events. Often young, emerging bookers, labels and initiatives organize their first public activities at our multifunctional location. We guide and challenge them to experiment with injecting visual arts into band nights or workouts into nightlife to create multisensory experiences.

Roodkapje is ethically non-monogamous when it comes to our Significant Others, we partner up with local initiatives, invite volunteers to program in the summer and work with four young labels/bookers. We welcome those who we think bring along an unheard sound/vision and are open for new ideas that come to us per mail, pigeon or DM.

With our Significant Others we develop long-term relationships and their program is created in dialogue with Roodkapje. Besides them we give space to one-time gatherings, annual festivals or private parties. We work(ed) a.o. with O. , Motel Mozaique, Left of the Dial, Rotown, Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creatieve Industrie, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Queer Gym.

Current Significant Others

Galleriso print by Lucile Bazalgette

Ellie in the Hocus Bogus Publishing Riso studio. Picture by Lucile Bazalgette

Galleriso wall in Burgertrut

On a cold January day in 2022, Dennis Muñoz Espadiña of Hocus Bogus Publishing came by our tavern to seek refuge from the icy storms. After feasting on juicy burgers and ornating himself in otherworldly art, he decided to never leave the premises again. Ever since, Hocus Bogus Publishing is housed in our backspace. His merry mix of DIY punk attitude, fine art aesthetics and his Riso-printer of many colours have enlightened Roodkapje and Burgertrut.

If you are interested in Riso printing contact Hocus Bogus Publishing directly!
Click here for their website.

Galleriso is our ever changing tiny expo with Riso prints by Rotterdam based artists. Printed in the Hocus Bogus Publishing Riso studio. Every month we invite artists to make a design for the front of our Roodkapje event program flyer & a limited edition A3 print. In Burgertrut you can admire our Galleriso wall. The prints are available in limited edition A3 prints through the artists. Contact the artists directly for full on artist support; check their contact details next to the prints.

Pretty//Ugly. Photo credit: Michèle Margot.

Bug during a Pretty//Ugly event. Picture by Diever Zandvliet.

_I think I’m trying to get a taste of all the flavours
Uncovering who the fuck I am, holographically
All music and performance is imbued with that energy
Leaking your heart, outside of narrow formulas
Coming from a burning desire, to feel more like myself
We really do experience it and we’re supposed to._

About Pretty//Ugly
Pretty//Ugly is an individual organizer and volunteer active in the DIY scene and hosts shows at OCCII – Amsterdam and Roodkapje – Rotterdam. Their goal is to facilitate artists who step out of the “doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg” attitude and burst open the narrow framework on what a show is and can be. The impetus is to dance, mosh, move around with our fellow goblins, elves, rats, snails, dogs and cats

Picture by Diana Putavet

Tirikilatops curated and picture by volunteer Sjoerd van Kampen

We <3 our volunteers! Our community of volunteers is an integral and indispensable part of the past, present, and future of Roodkapje.
Throughout the year we reserve some time and space for Roodkapje volunteers to help organize and create events. In 2022 Flor Alarcon, Niels Werij, Sjoerd van Kampen and Fede Claes curated a series of summer performances in Burgertrut called Cucumber Time. The first edition of TRUTfest was held in December ’22, a big festival with an exhibition, performances and concerts created by the volunteer team inviting all creatives in Roodkapje and Burgertrut to join.

For more info about volunteering at Roodkapje click here

MSHR. During a Futura Resistenza event. Picture by Bo Heller

Futura Resistenza is a label and platform from Brussels and Rotterdam, that operates somewhere on the border between performance, music and visual arts. Roodkapje asked the label to program a series of concerts in our venue. Throughout this year Futura Resistenza invites musicians and artists who already have a connection with the label, as well as people who they simply admire and want to see perform. 

Sanneke Kleingeld

Sanneke Kleingeld. Photo credit: Michèle Margot.

‘Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP slapen?’ tent by Michele Tähti.

“Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP …..” is a cabinet of curiosities. It’s hazy in the cabinet, the door creaks – you can’t stop sneezing. . . .

I ask the audience a question, may I sleep inside your auricle? May I play there? Could I give it a little nibble?
The series of events are an ongoing experiment where comfort and discomfort will hold hands (sweaty palms included). For everyone who’s tired of the occasional club nights and ready for disturbed utopia.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy. Photo credit: Michèle Margot.

Nathan Marcus during ‘A Work in Being’ by Brian Murphy. Picture by Diana Putavet.

Murphy’s Circus is the passion project of musician Brian Murphy, who recently started working as a programmer for Roodkapje. Brian grew up in a household that held all forms of art in the highest regard and he was encouraged to channel his creativity into art. After being entranced by music at a young age, he devoted himself to expressing his thoughts and feelings in this art form. Other artistic disciplines were never forgotten or put aside. They simply lived alongside his main passion, helping and inspiring him when it was needed. With Murphy’s Circus, Brian wants to recapitulate the ‘circus’ of art he grew up in. Artists and musicians of different disciplines will provide the audience with an evening filled with the beauty of creative human expression. Whether it be distraction, entertainment or inspiration you’re looking for, Murphy’s Circus will do its best to deliver the goods.

Sans Âge. During a Futura Resistenza event. Picture by Bo Heller

Tirikilatops during Cucumber Time. Curated and picture by Sjoerd van Kampen

MSHR. During a Futura Resistenza event. Picture by Bo Heller

Eddie Azulay + Cara Mayer during ‘Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP slapen?’ curated by Sanneke Kleingeld. Picture by Diana Putavet.

Nathan Marcus during ‘A Work in Being’ by Brian Murphy. Picture by Diana Putavet.