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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

5 April 2024

Findom, The Earwurms, badtime, hiddenbehindmist, PIET [Pretty//Ugly]

Findom, The Earwurms, badtime , VJ Hiddenbehindmist, PIET

for fans of: post punk, no wave, punk (on electronic beats), riot grrrl, glitch art, Kairos

Findom (for Financial Domination) is a London-based music collective featuring musicians from all four corners of the globe (Buenos Aires and Tokyo among them...). Filled with influences from dub, no wave, jazz and punk, the sound produced is a rhythmic cacophony. Satirical on the surface, these slightly shady Englishmen offer music that quickly finds a political and cathartic impact live. Findom present their album Pay, Pig, released in July 2023 on Swish Swash Records.

The Earwurms
The Earwurms are a “conceptual” punk band, created by three accidental women. Their songs mention themes like the joy and understanding of the banal. They explore how being a woman affects their lives and how to deal with the confusion that comes along with it. With savoury words and a shebang of sound they wiggle their way into your ears

badtime (Amsterdam, NL) was born in 2020 as a visual art collaboration between Kevin Schuit and Ioana Ciora. It quickly grew into a multi-disciplinary universe of its own. The soundtrack to their artwork is sinister and gloomy yet energetic and dancey, incorporating electronic drum beats, pulsating bass lines, hypnotic synths and driving punk guitars.

Matthias Carter (hiddenbehindmist) is a French/English visual artist; currently based in the Netherlands.
His collection of work uses a mixture of traditional and experimental mediums of digital collages and videos. Matthias explores the idea of loss of control. A reflection of the anxiety and chaos of a digital native trying to experiment with new tools.

PIET, a.k.a. Jip Piet, repurposes the usual DJ intermezzo time slot into kairoi moments of being together.

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Door sale: €12,-