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Tuesday 29

Exhibition | HCA 2020: With Open Arms

Tuesday 29 September 2020, 17:00 - 22:00
Tue 29 Sep 2020
Sat 3rd Oct 2020
17:00 -
Doors open:

• Exhibition | HCA 2020: With Open Arms •
18 September - 03 October 2020

• HCA 2020 •
Danielle Hoogendoorn |
Lavinia Xausa |
Rafiq Abbasov |
Iriée Zamblé |
Gill Baldwin |

• Roodkapje’s Hamburger Community of Art is excited to present ‘With Open Arms’, a group exhibition with new works by Gill Baldwin, Lavinia Xausa, Rafiq Abbasov, Danielle Hoogendoorn, and Iriée Zamblé.

‘With Open Arms’ springs from the urge of the Hamburger Community artists to deal with the current challenges of making and presenting art, and to question what being part of an artist-in-residency program can contribute to face these challenges as a whole. As every day now poses new realities, we have to continuously look for new ways of relating, living, and being together. This brings a desire for hope, an anticipation towards the future, and a drive to keep going regardless of whatever limitations imposed.

As the exhibition is a fivefold attempt to speculate on what new forms of artistic practice can emerge from the current situation, the Hamburger Community artists welcome you into the future with open arms, no matter if that refers to the (im)possibility to embrace one another fully, or the spread-eagle position to demarcate an acceptable social distance. •

• Hamburger Community of Art •
The Hamburger Community of Art (HCA) is Roodkapje’s year long residency and development trajectory for young and emerging artists, based on the principles of experimentation, collaboration, and developing new artistic practices. What can artists learn from each other? How can (young) artists stimulate their development collectively? And, how can they find new and intriguing ways to connect to diverse audiences?

Friday 20

Le Motat | Roodkapje Rotterdam

Friday 20 November 2020, 18:30 - 23:00
Fri 20 Nov 2020
Fri 20th Nov 2020
18:30 -
Doors open:

LE MOTAT = the alter ego of Tato Wesselo. He makes Dutch Weirdo Pop with balls: about sex, about love, and about people who have to stick their head in the ice. His performances are raw, unexpected and absurd, but just as well let you join in one of his catchy pop songs. Last year Motat produced his first EP together with Roy van Rosendaal (Figgie), which he released on September 25th. Fancy something new? JOIN CLUB LE MOTAT.

Roodkapje is hosting live shows again in their Exposition Hall. Expect a surprising fully corona proof sitting-down concert including your own cooler bag with drinks.
Solo ticket € 5,-
Duo ticket € 10,-
Reserve a ticket via:

Roodkapje offers a unique art programme, an exhibition space and an artistic development program in downtown Rotterdam.

Nada van Dalen performance
Photo credits: Alisa Wanders | Work: Performance by Nada van Dalen

Our art program is dynamic, surprising and multi-voiced at heart. Exhibitions, workshops, installations, talks, performances, experiments and the new Hamburger Community of Art residency form the basis of our 2019 programme. Whether it’s making Russian dumplings, performing a group choreography, creating face masks or indulging in a jelly fruit performance - you can engage in our public art program in many, many ways.

The Hamburger Community of Art artists-in-residence and the various art programmers are the ones who have the strongest say in the development of Roodkapje’s art programme. They determine the content and shape of the many activities that are being organized throughout the year and, thereby, are an integral part of Roodkapje. Without them, Roodkapje would not be the same.

If you are looking for unconventional, experimental yet accessible art, then Roodkapje is the place for you.


Opening times
Club Rory: The Reality
Photo credits: Nick Thomas | Work: Rory Pilgrim for Club Rory: The Reality

Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 17:00 - 22:00
Wednesday | 17:00 - 22:00
Thursday | 17:00 - 22:00
Friday | 14:00 - 22:00
Saturday | 14:00 - 22:00
Sunday | Closed

Hamburger Community of Art

Read more about the HCA residency program and artists below

With the Hamburger Community of Art residency program, Roodkapje takes a new direction in terms of the presentation, talent support and development within its art program. The Hamburger Community of Art (HCA) is a yearlong artistic development program for emerging artists. During this pilot year, Roodkapje aims to equip the selected artists – as well as the audience – with skills to be resourceful and self-sufficient in assembling diverse voices through training, mentoring (by a.o. Nora Turato and Jeroen Koolhaas) and with support in organizing events, presentations and workshops. The HCA will produce and host cultural events, social activities and projects that will be open to all audiences. 

The HCA is based on the principles of experimentation, collaboration and developing new artistic practices. Questions we need to ask ourselves are: What can artists learn from each other? How can (young) artists stimulate their development collectively? What can society learn from artists and vice versa?

Please keep an eye on our website or walk by the window of the HCA to see what they are working on. 

hca logo kleiner
Iriée Zamblé

• Iriée Zamblé •

Expressively painted heads of self-contained people of colour are playing the lead in Iriée Zamblé's work. Zamblé puts a magnifying glass upon some of the people that may pass us by daily. Acquaintances, passengers and friends therefore lay at the base of the painted heads. By appropriating details of their appearance, Zamblé shapes a new bold figure. The portrayed are depicted to present themselves as a norm in its variety. With her latest series ''The Default” Zamblé positions people of colour as a standard rather than an exception.

Iriée Zamblé, The Default (Series), 2019, exhibition view at HKU Graduation show, 50 x 35 cm (each).
Iriée Zamblé, The Default (Series), 2019, exhibition view at HKU Graduation show, 50 x 35 cm (each).
Danielle Hoogendoorn


• Danielle Hoogendoorn •

Danielle Hoogendoorn works impulsively and associative, and so is her use of materials. Based on her experiences, she tells her stories portrayed by her favourite animals. Animals play and important role in her life, as they are means to see how far she can go before the border between art and kitsch is crossed. Even though Daniëlle’s work appears sweet and girly at first sight, things are not always as peaceful as they seem. Through her direct approach she tries to take the formal character of painting, and the museum’s white wall out of account, looking to redefine these existing conventions with banality and humour.

Danielle Hoogendoorn, presentation overview at Prospects & Concepts, 2018, Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam, with thanks to Mondriaan Fonds.
Danielle Hoogendoorn, presentation overview at Prospects & Concepts, 2018, Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam, with thanks to Mondriaan Fonds.
Rafiq Abbasov


• Rafiq Abbasov •

Rafiq Abbasov is an emerging international artist from Azerbaijan. His work is staged around the understanding and meaning of time. In his perspective, time is the only variable that we, humans, have no control over. By accepting this fact, Rafiq fills this continuum with temporary multisensory experiences to both escape and explore a new meaning of the perception of time. One of his recent conclusions is the definition of playground: Playground as a counter-public space in public space. My works are in continuous search of (free) space human being can find, to define their own rules of understanding, away from controlled systems.

Rafiq Abbasov, 'ABC', 2019, Academy Minerva, Virtual Space; NYC Brooklyn.
Rafiq Abbasov, 'ABC', 2019, Academy Minerva, Virtual Space; NYC Brooklyn.
Lavinia Xausa


• Lavinia Xausa •

Lavinia Xausa (IT) works, lives and pretends to learn Dutch in Rotterdam. The center of her artistic practice consists in applying semiotics and sacred art research to an ongoing, participatory art practice, by involving groups of people on self analysis and auto-recognition of their own role in history. Shifting through different kinds of media, from photography to moving images, found footage, sound and text, from writing to performance, she aims to reframe the present in the light of ancient narratives well established in the collective memory.

Lavinia Xausa, 'CULT! A dive into mild water', 2020, 7' Single-channel video installation + 297 x 420 mm printed image.
Lavinia Xausa, 'CULT! A dive into mild water', 2020, 7' Single-channel video installation + 297 x 420 mm printed image.
Gill Baldwin


• Gill Baldwin •

Gill Baldwin uses analog and digital methods to explore the biases and behaviours of contemporary digital technology. Her background as an interior architect explores the incorporation of digital technologies within the built environment and their effect on the neighbourhood, the self, and human agency.

Gill Baldwin, '3% of Everything', 2019, 3D printed sculpture, convolutional neural network software, variable dimensions.
Gill Baldwin, '3% of Everything', 2019, 3D printed sculpture, convolutional neural network software, variable dimensions.
The Hamburger Community of Art is made possible by

Roodkapje is the breeding ground for young musicians, programmers and other upcoming talent from home and abroad. 

Photo credits: Koen Bouman | Music performance by Slift during King Sepi: Slift / Pig Frenzy / Pizza Knife / Network 76

From bedroom folk, minimalist electro and dreampop to noise, downtempo beats and trip-hop – all is heard first at Roodkapje. Both local and global fresh talents often kick-off at Roodkapje, where they receive the support and freedom needed to experiment. A music night at Roodkapje means a night full of undiscovered and emerging bands, DJs, labels and collectives. Keep an eye or two on our music events and be the first to discover new talent.

Meet Our Promoters

Bound Centre group photo
Photo credits: Luc Schol

Bound Centre

Bound Centre is a label, collective and club night based in Rotterdam. It is initiated and represented by Victor Metske, S x m b r a, Ice Viper, Imhotel and Holowave. Together they aspire to provide a new soundtrack to the contemporary reality of the city by fusing scenes, genres and ideology. Thereby taking Rotterdam club culture to a whole new (and next) level. Bound Centre's mix of sounds and influences takes shape during their club nights, organized on a regular basis at Roodkapje Rotterdam.

Graphic design: Jonathan Castro

Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram to be part of the cult.

Kampung logo
Image credit: Luc Schol


Kampung is a Rotterdam-based music collective / label focused on the development of talent. They aim to be a platform for beginning artists who struggle to find their way in the jungle that is the contemporary music scene. Combining Downtempo Beats, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop and other styles of a beat type nature, Kampung aims to create a family-like environment for their creators.Artists in their roster include Gita Buhari, Glimlip, Imhotel, BoiMesa and more to be announced soon.

After their first succesful club night on March 1st 2019 at Roodkapje (with Radius ETC, Boi Mesa, Filosofische Stilte and Imhotel) we are more than happy and excited to see what Kampung has in store for us in the future. 

The creative mastermind behind Kampung is Rotterdam-based musician and producer Arjuna Vlasblom.

Graphic design: Luc Schol. 

Read more about Kampung on their website.

FOEF group photo
Photo credits: FOEF


FOEF is a platform for the queer community based in Delft. They offer a space to come together and celebrate what it means to be out and proud. At the beginning of March 2019, FOEF flew over to Rotterdam to throw a fairytale-themed night at Roodkapje full of magical STARDUST, poisonous apples, glass STILETTOS and golden carriages. 

At FOEF, you do not have to dress in a certain way, talk about certain things, dance in a certain way and love in a certain way. You can dress/talk/dance and love however and whoever you want! So you don’t have to be gay to join: the more diversity, the better!

Join this queer initiative next time for a non-conformative art, music and fun party. 

KONTRA Slut Walk
Photo credits: Flor Alarcon


KONTRA is a grass roots project that focuses on supporting countercultures and subversive art. It is Rotterdam-based but welcomes all dissidents from any and everywhere. KONTRA explores the boundaries between art and social activism and offers alternative ways of art making, partying and art management. We search for countercultures

In March 2019, KONTRA pulled off Rotterdam's very first Slut Walk and organized a banner-making workshop and extended cultural programme at Roodkapje. We are happy and proud to support KONTRA and are eager to march on together.

Keep up with KONTRA and all they have to offer via their Facebook and Instagram.

Mint Switch
Image credits: Wednesday Kim


MINT is a Rotterdam-based art collective focusing on showcasing (video) artists in a versatile manner. They provide an online platform, video-documentation, interviews and good old exhibitions. At Roodkapje, MINT has hosted already two editions of their Switch Short Film Festival in which they show a wide variety of genres by raw talent from all over the world. 

Also, take a look on their website to see what else they are up to!

Opening Times

Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 17:00 - 21:30
Wednesday | 17:00 - 21:30
Thursday | 17:00 - 21:30
Friday | 12:00 - 21:30
Saturday | 12:00 - 21:30
Sunday | Closed


We do work with reservations but also feel free to walk in! Do you want to eat with a group over 4 people? Email us for the possibilities at

Take away is also still possible! Check the menu below!


Burgertrut serves the best homemade veggie, vegan and organic beef burgers in town.

Burgertrut is Roodkapje's cosy hamburger restaurant where you can drink, eat and meet others! The best veggie, vegan and organic beef burgers in town are accompanied by a great selection of art, music, coffee, tea, homemade (vegan) cakes, healthy salads and soups. Best of all, the profit of Burgertrut supports the cultural program of Roodkapje.

huilende burger
Photo credits: Lara Arnoldus
Photo credits: Lara Arnoldus
Photo credits: Lara Arnoldus

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