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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

2 March 2024

Museumnacht010: Mathilde Nobel, Noemi Calzavara, Strict Nurse, VJ Elena Chadaeva, Spullen, Curling, Pretty//Ugly

Museumnacht at Roodkapje with Mathilde Nobel, Noemi Calzavara, Strict Nurse, VJ Elena Chadaeva, Spullen, Curling - curated by Pretty//Ugly

This Museumnacht, your ears and eyes will dance through time and space in Roodkapje, like a butterfly tiptoeing through the wind. You are present in a shape-shifting world, filled with color and delight. As the evening progresses, Mathilde Nobel, Noemi Calzavara, Strict Nurse, VJ Elena Chadaeva and Spullen will grace the stage and exhibition space. Some bring music, others movement. Do you bring a sense of wonder, joy and play?

Both Mathilde Nobel and Spullen bring their own brew of leftfield electronics with opera-like vocals to the stage. With the piece "an emotional analysis of”, Noemi Calzavara wonders how
ants love. Strict Nurse fills the exhibition space with her healing soundscapes and ethereal rituals, accompanied by the visuals of VJ Elena Chadaeva.

20:00 Strict Nurse & VJ Elena Chadaeva
21:00 Spullen
21:45 Strict Nurse &; VJ Elena Chadaeva
22:15 Noemi Calzavara
22:45 Strict Nurse & VJ Elena Chadaeva
23:15 Mathilde Nobel
00:00 DJ Pretty Ugly b2b DJ Curling

Mathilde Nobel
Mathilde Nobel is a multidisciplinary artist letting her otherworldly aesthetic seep through in every aspect of her art. Her fairy-like approach to singing, her deconstructed beats and cinematic melodies often remind of mythical and emotional landscapes. Mathilde exposes her inner world through a variety of mediums like film, 3D animations and music. Across these formats her passion permeates through a strong urge for creating everything herself. Nobel’s monumental and experimental productions have been released by Nous’klaer Audio, her debut 'May+Be' as well as her album 'Founds on Land' to much critical acclaim. Last December, club veteran Marcel Dettmann dropped 4 remixes of ‘Founds on Land’ and transported her sound into a wider arena. She has played live shows for festivals like Rewire, Dekmantel, Draaimolen Festival and Motel Mozaïque. Her radioshows and dj sets convey her research and taste fueling her practice as a musician and artist.

Strict Nurse
Strict Nurse is the alter ego of Leilani Trowell. Raised in a strict household in the USA with dreams of becoming a pop star, now residing wildly in the low-lying lands, Strict Nurse improvises with layered (cassette) loops, samples, synthesizers and a sweet, sinister voice to cast a spellbinding soundscape. Modalities of healing, perversion, power dynamics and personal intuition are the current themes in her work.  Strict Nurse will make ambient soundscapes in-between the acts, accompanied by the visuals of Elena Chadaeva; creating a captivating and dreamlike setting in our exhibition room.

Elena Chadaeva
Elena is a Rotterdam-based transdisciplinary artist and designer. Her interest and inspiration lie in the intersection of math and spirit, and she explores that threshold by translating sensory input into generated visuals. In her artistic practice more broadly, she works with seemingly unconnectable themes and methods and weaves them into a poetic whole that questions the nature of perception.

“Is this (g)old or can I throw it away?”
Half French, half Dutch quartet that is looking for meaning in the clutter of sound they encounter; to create music that belongs to everyone. While combining electronic instruments, electric guitars & classical vocals the group draws inspiration from minimal synth, no wave, opera and dub. Hoarders never lose anything, so embrace the noise of your surroundings. Rommel, zooi, troep, spullen.

Noemi Calzavara
During Museumnacht Noemi will perform her performance "An emotional analysis of..."
An insect that is human or a human that is also an insect. "An emotional analysis of..." stems from a great fascination with ants above all, but insects all. The research explores fear, carefreeness and an insect that loves, how does it love? If we looked at ourselves from the moon, wouldn't we humans be smaller than the little red spiders climbing rose petals?
An “insect human insect” does not exist in reality; therefore the research ranges between science and emotionality, realism and fantasy, creating a hybrid psychology, open to interpretation. Which often eludes logic and rationality. The artist tries to enter the body of an insect with the nervous system of a human, with her questions and their fears.

DJ Pretty Ugly b2b DJ Curling
Closing the night will be a DJ-set by DJ Pretty Ugly and DJ Curling

Next to organizing shows, Pretty//Ugly occasionally acts as DJ as well. Having performed at Melkweg and at shows of Model/Actriz, Guerilla Toss, Promis3, etc you can expect a set with unexpected turns, punk attitude and hyper energy. 

While Utrecht-based artist Curling often hits the stage as a singer in various metal, punk, and noise rock bands (Throwing Bricks, Radar Men From The Moon), he takes a completely different approach in his DJ-sets. His experimental mix of bass, electro, industrial and a dash of EBM recalls the well-known club scene in the first Matrix-film: dark, with an apocalyptic tinge, yet highly danceable. Curling has played venues such as TivoliVredenburg, EKKO and Club Smederij and festivals like Le Guess Who?, Etmaal Roadburn and Jera on Air.