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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

18 November 2023

Pretty//Ugly: H.U.T. + The Earwurms + &The + DJ Jip Piet

Pretty//Ugly presents
H.U.T. + The Earwurms + &The + DJ Jip Piet

for fans of: the Ex, Deerhoof, CAN, Bikini Kill, K3 van de punk, Lewsberg, Talking Heads, Los Campesinos!


The Earwurms
Medieval science and medical journals implied that earwurms can burrow into the brain or at least into the ears and cause serious harm. This fear caused the cryptic insect a gain a dangerous reputation. Many fear that they bite people and think they should be kept far away but they actually don’t do any harm…

The Earwurms are a “conceptual” punk band, created by three accidental women. Their songs mention themes like the joy and understanding of the banal. They explore how being a woman affects their lives and how to deal with the confusion that comes along with it. With savoury words and a shebang of sound they wiggle their way into your ears

&The started when Joost showed John some of their indie emo riffs. The Irish folk style of John's mandolin playing proved to be a surprising, but perfect fit. After a while Paqui was added on vocals and with her wide range adding another layer to the already diverse sonic palette. Partially rough-edged, partially intricate, &The weaves songs with toil and care, like a sturdy and comforting hug or a blanket when you're napping on the couch.

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