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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

4 March 2023

MUSEUMNACHT: Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP spelen?


Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP spelen?
with Kot Kot, Linus Bonduelle, Kamali van Bochove, Alex Deforce
curated by Sanneke Kleingeld

for fans of: Trjj, shadow play, visual explorations, sound collages, Maria Zerfall, SPK, Frere Tuck, hide & seek

20:00 Doors
21:00 Kamali van Bochove / ongoing visuals
21:00 Kot Kot
22:00 Linus Bonduelle
23:00 Alex Deforce

Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP spelen?

Your ears are my playground. I slide down your helix and land softly on your lobe where I dream of snails making love in my ears. Silvery trails make my brain sticky. The shadows formed by your hands glue themselves onto my memories. My mind as a shadowpuppet – escaping through the auricle.

Silhouettes will shape the room, soften the edges. It's different now, you see, you're translucent now. We'll make it easier for you to dissolve in a puddle of delusion. It's okay now, we can play together, play a game of hide and seek. You seek clarity and I will hide it a little too well. I suggest you start counting.

During this Museumnacht in Roodkapje we will cast spells on you. In this shadowland there will be a continuous performance and musical act at set times. During your stay, the room will be filled by visuals of shapes and contours, a dark but soft reminder of the world outside.

'Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP spelen?' is the live program on Museumnacht with musical performances,
during Museumnacht the exhibition 'Mud and Sticky Band: An Awakening' by Natalia Sorzano will also be on view.
more info on the exhibition can be found here

Alex Deforce takes a last minute place on the Museumnacht bill with his live poetry DJ set. He made his debut as a poet in January 2019 with Nachtdichter, by Victor De Roo, on the Amsterdam-based label Knekelhuis. The same year he featured on Brihang’s Casco album, for which he recited poems by Georges Perec. Once a month you can listen to Alex's radio show at Nonchalance Calculée on, a show about: poetry, bar culture and the Brussels dialect. His will take his recently released 7” single ‘Hoek van de laatste zon’.

Kot Kot (Lena Filatova) is an abstract and rhythmic sound collage artist from Karelia, North-West Russia, based in Germany. Recordings of nature, cities, street musicians, occasional radio broadcasts, old movies, authentic music experiences of different people, neighbours whistling are merged and layered with children’s keyboards, samplers and sound processors. Texts and poems by classic Russian poets are made into new short, abstract yet complete texts interweave the magical grainy sound collages. Standing against the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a Russian artist, Kot Kot donates her artist fee to organizations that aid Ukraine.

Linus Bonduelle is a producer, DJ and visual artist who finds his inspiration in the arbitrariness of daily life. Mending and bending recorded samples of his surrounding soundscapes, his music is an auditive mapping, a celebration and estrangement of the everyday. There is room for hard edges, tenderness and a bit of confusion.

The audience will set foot into an orchestrated shadowplay. “In the shadow of my hands,” is a visual experience in which multiple forms enter into dialogue with each other. These forms will disappear as easily as they appear. A visual exploration on the presence of absence.

Kamali van Bochove is a lens-based artist, residing in Rotterdam. She was born in Curacao and grew up in the Netherlands. For as long as she can remember she has been moving between these two places. This movement has sparked her love for image-making. As a child, she would desperately try to record every moment of the journey and stay with her family, so there would be something to look back on when it was time to leave again. Her artistic practice is an interweaving of film, photography and archival material that attempts to grasp the form of distance.

Museumnacht ticket prices

Regular tickets: €19.50
Children (up to 12 years): €9.50
CJP pass holders: €14.50
New: We Are Public pass holders: 0.00. Only with discount code.

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