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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

17 March 2023

Futura Resistenza: MSHR / Tes Damen / Sans Âge / DJ Jacco Wanneer

Futura Resistenza:
MSHR (US) / Tes Damen and The Wet Elders (NL) / Sans Âge / DJ Jacco Wanneer

for fans of: Experimental, Electronic, Post-punk, sonic sculptures, cartoonesque sounds, spasmodic rhythms & dirty chimes

Tes Damen and The Wet Elders
Tes Damen is Rotterdam’s most elusive new debutant who released his debut Rotterdam Sob (2021) and follow up album Urn (2021) on the same day. This year Tes Damen has joined with The Wet Elders who have come to meet the moments of abrasive post-punk, jagged guitar sounds that pierce through its mellow membrane. The bands direction has never been more muckier. Expect surrealistic images, bleak narratives, sparse songs and drifting genres.

MSHR is an art collective that builds and explores sculptural electronic systems, taking form as interactive installations, virtual environments and live improvisations. They explore intuitive and technical gradients between sonic and spatial forms, using analog circuitry and open-source software to sculpt mutually resonant hyperobjects. MSHR was established in 2011 in Portland, Oregon by Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper. Their name is a modular acronym designed to hold varied ideas over time.

Sans Âge
Newly-formed duo by Brussels-based musicians Arthur Chambry and Ugnė Vyliaudaitė, who combine violin with an assortment of handmade wind instruments for blasted drones and drawn-out noise indulgences in everchanging, ever-surprising configurations. A feast for the ears and a fascinating sight to boot.

DJ Jacco Wanneer
Second-hand rock and roll and semi-spiritual commercial music from the radical bourgeoisie of the 70-80s.

Futura Resistenza  is a label and platform from Brussels and Rotterdam, that operates somewhere on the border between performance, music and visual arts. Roodkapje invited the label to program a series of concerts in our venue. For this year they'll be taking the Intercity Direct together with musicians and artists from Brussels and Rotterdam who already have a connection with the label, as well as people who they simply admire and want to see perform.