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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

30 May 2024

Mag ik in uw oorschelp frummelen? w/ Val Clipp, Rutger Zuydervelt & Gonçalo Almeida, Ezra V, Miitzi and Luca Tornato

Mag ik in uw oorschelp frummelen? w/ Val Clipp, Rutger Zuydervelt & Gonçalo Almeida, Ezra V and Miitzi
Visuals by Luca Tornato
Programmed by Sanneke Kleingeld
Poster design by Linus Bonduelle

For fans of: Tara Clerkin Trio, electro-acoustics, Hydra Ensemble, cats purring, Battiato, Bongwater

An egg cracked open in my ear and birthed a sound so splendid all my limbs detached from my body

My knee went for a stroll along the harbour
My shoulder took a dive into the dirty river by the hill
My hips swayed their way downtown

They grasped without purpose
They touched without sensation
A void devoid of intention or longing to be filled

Sound to divide,
silence to reunite.

Gonçalo Almeida and Rutger Zuydervelt present ‘Eventual’.

Gonçalo Almeida is a Portuguese musician and composer with a strong interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to his work that ranges from modern jazz, freejazz, jazzcore to free improvisation music. Rutger Zuydervelt is active as both electronic musician/composer and graphic designer. Oftenly operating under the alias Machinefabriek, Rutger’s live performances setup is mostly analogue, using oscillators, cassette players, contact mics and effects panels to create -improvised- sonic environments.

‘Eventual’ is the first/debut album together. After having released two EPs, ‘Doze Ruinas’ and ‘Jangadas’, and being colleagues in Hydra Ensemble (with cellists Lucija Gregov and Nina Hitz) their collective musical base has been marinating for some time, now erupting in a full length. The album was carefully constructed by Zuydervelt, using a sound bank of double bass recordings by Almeida. The result is a layered, long-form drone composition.
In concert though, both players will rely on their improvisation skills (on double bass, oscillators, and effects) to create a similar immersive experience.
Listen to Evental by Gonçalo Almeida and Rutger Zuydervelt here

Val Clipp is an alias of Luca van Grinsven (CH, NL). His audio-visual work explores contemporary life and hauntology through the means of sampling, documenting, vocalising and re-contextualising with an intuitive- and often pragmatic- approach.

He’s the founder of Off Center (2018–2022), focusing on collaborative music publishing and community building both on-and-offline.

Listen to Vall Clipp's music on Soundcloud here

In between the acts of the night we welcome o.thys, who’ll crawl inside your ears while your friends smoke cigarettes and talk shit about you.

But you…. you’ll stay inside and listen mesmerised….

He walks the Earth with his head in the troposphere, bends spirals into hexagons, merges himself with the baseline of a dripping basement - and all that with such charm, a certain kind of charm only o.thys has. We’re all ducks in his sweet sounding pond where he feeds us bread. We know it will fuck us up but why does it taste SO GOOD!

Luca Tornato
Luca Tornato (b. 1997 in São Paulo, BR) currently holds a bachelor’s degree from the ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (NL). With a background in electrical engineering, and heavily influenced by expanded cinema and early computer graphics, he hoards old analog video equipment giving them a second and final chance to create videoart, performances, and installations.

Every piece of technological device secretly encloses a history of decisions, usually made up by dominant ideologies at the time of their design. By dissecting them, one can gain an understanding of how these devices shape their medium of operation, thus revealing their non-human agency. At the moment, Luca is working with the themes of surveillance cinema, algorithmic editing, non-human photography, media archeology and new materialism. Finally, a current interest is engaging with ephemeral guerilla acts,such as quick public projections as an insurgence weapon and call to action against the rise of far-right agendas. As a performer, Luca explores the possibilities that unravel when old and new imaging devices establisha dialogue, within the context of live-improvisation ensembles. Every act starts with unpatched cables and raw video samples, building up to synaesthetic experiences and live cinema editing.

Mitzi Beesemer is a performance, sound and installation artist based in Rotterdam. Mitzi likes to experiment with the estranging effects of sound and the disorientation of the senses. Her work is characterised by a dream-like quality and an emphasis on texture. For her live-set she will explore the human relationship with the livelihood of things. She will perform a live-set that combines a Koma field kit with various objects that vary in texture, size and material composition.

30 May 2024 || 20:00 - 01:00

pre-sale: €10,-
door sale: €12,-