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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

14 July 2023

Bandy Charcoal with Windup Space, Loveth and Dixi

Bandy Charcoal
with Windup Space, Loveth Besamoh and Dixi
Listening to bands while making art.

for fans of: life drawing with charcoal, Biffy Clyro, grunge, Gender Roles

Ever been to a concert, enjoyed the music, fell in love, bought some merch and still felt there was something missing but you don’t know what? Well it was a life charcoal drawing session of the bands of course.

Brian Murphy is back with another magical event called "Bandy Charcoal." Get ready to immerse yourself in a cosy living room vibe, where the lines between artists on stage and audience on the floor blur effortlessly.
Windup Space, Loveth Besamoh, and Dixi will grace the stage, providing a mesmerizing soundtrack while you indulge in your artistic side using charcoal on paper. Whether you're a fan of life drawing with charcoal or you simply enjoy the raw energy of grunge music or glam indie rock on the sideline, let us create an inviting space where everyone can join in and express their inner artist without pressure. Welcome to our creative living room hub at Roodkapje!

Loveth Besamoh is a producer, composer, singer and guitarist from The Netherlands. He migrated to the Netherlands from Cameroon in 2014 where he consolidated his love for music. You’ve might seen him before in other upcoming Rotterdam outfits like BED or Lorne. Loveth's own genre bending music is a merger of genres ranging from afro rock, jazz, post-punk, soul, and rhythms he grew up listening to and playing in church back in Cameroon. Loveth blends and shifts genres creating his own psych brand of music.

Dixi is an Amsterdam based Indie Glam band. Their music is inspired by the garage rock revival of the early 2000s combined with aspects of 80s rock and modern-day pop. Their compositions consist of hard-hitting bass lines, catchy melodies, whirl wind drums and shoutable hooks. Together this four-piece create an inviting environment with their fast-paced style.

Windup Space is known for their melodic alternative guitar rock and their heartfelt, emotionally charged songs. Tight productions, strong vocal lines and tons of energy, yet the candor with which the band deals with personal themes such as loneliness and mental health is what makes these guys really special.