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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

23 February 2024

Futura Resistenza: NÂR, CV Vision, Gemma Luz Bosch

Futura Resistenza presents
NÂR, CV Vision, Gemma Luz Bosch

for fans of: sound based performances, experimental, deep listening

NÂR is a Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and singer/spoken word performer.
In constant metamorphosis, she works with various instruments,her vocals and many objects she finds,processed through a chain of analog effects and loopers she uses in a very singular way.
Layer after layer,she builds up and deconstructs each piece, often leading her sonic experiments with short sentences on repeat like mantras oscillating between Arabic and English or declaimed poetry by writers such as Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath and other contemporary poets as Lydia Lunch.

Taking inspiration from deep in the mediaeval mists of times long past, CV Vision comes riding over the hills like a knight to the rescue, and his new album Im Tal Der Stutzer is packed full of galloping drums, feudal prog riffs and poetic lyrics harking back to a golden age.

For Gemma Luz Bosch, creating a work always begins with sound research. In her concerts and installations, she explores the boundaries of the concept music using self made instruments and extended techniques. To perceive sound, you need a source that vibrates (moves) the air and someone who can perceive those vibrations: “Sound is movement”. As an artist Gemma communicates with sound waves, with movement. Everything that 'sounds' in her work is “aLive”: lively, playful and produced in the moment.