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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

24 February 2024

Youniss, Emirhan X, Kiss My Knoblauch, DJ Factory Girl, Tovertrutten [Pretty//Ugly]

Pretty//Ugly presents: Youniss, Kiss My Knoblauch, Emirhan X, DJ Factory Girl
+ make-up stand by the Tovertrutten

For fans of: Death Grips, Ho99o9, JPEGMafia, Sleaford Mods

As an exploration of identity and self expression, Youniss moves his way through the awkward, intrusive feelings that accompany performing as a black man with an Arabic name through the gaze of the western world. On his album, ‘White Space’, the Antwerp-based musician and visual artist shares the unsettling story of a personal panic attack instilled by these feelings.
In the performative translation of this album, Youniss and drummer Tim Caramin take you along Youniss’ discomfort through music, visual installation and costume design.

Kiss My Knoblauch
Is a brand new rusty duo made up of fishra and B.RuiZ. They will splurge filthy noises and protest song and rapid words and freaky tender feelings. Music and poetry in dutch and english. Keep your eyes wet and your fists big!

Emirhan X
Rapper/producer with razor-sharp bars and crunching beats in a hyper, merciless tunnel vision. Raw hip-hop combined with punk and boombap.
Emirhan X is taking over the spot of BUG who unfortunately had to cancel his gig due to a severe acute hearing loss condition.
A kind reminder to feel all the loud noises, but wear earplugs while doing it! Roodkapje offers free earplugs at every gig <3

Factory Girl is interested in music as the unspoken language, using her sets to explore mercurial narratives which take inspiration and direct samples from literature and other media to create points of emotional tension and resolution. She weaves together everything from harsh noise to folk, jungle, juke, trip-hop, dub, noise and an array of ambient sounds.

Make-up stand by the Tovertrutten
@toverteef_ en @tovernicht

Presale €10,-
Door sale €12,-

Hungry before the event?
Feel welcome to join us for dinner at Burgertrut for the best home made veggie, vegan and organic beef burgers in town!

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