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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

22 November 2023

Killer Toaster Electronic Jam session

Killer Toaster Electronic Jam session
by Viana Afoumou
Live performance by Zzeevonkk

Dazzling, electrifying, horrifying, is the killer toaster. While the scent of burnt toasts fills the air, it crackles, sprinkles and shackles. Hear it coming! Watch it move! It’s singing.

KILLER TOASTER ELECTRONIC JAM : where electronic dreams join (PB) jelly toasts, in a distorted frequencies nightmare. Bring your sound-producing electronic appliances: priority to synths, MIDI, drum computers, pedals, samplers, effects etc. + triangles, but acoustic instruments are still welcome. We bring the toaster, homemade bread, and delicious jelly.

19:30 : Doors open
Come between 19:30 and 20:30 to get free homemade bread and jelly.
Between 19:30 and 20:30, anyone who brought electronic instruments/gear/stuff has the time to set up and test together prior to the jamsession.

20:30: live performance by Zzeevonkk

21:00-00:00 Electronic jamsession!

Murphy’s law theorized the doom of buttered toasts, but what about the jam side of things?

About zzeevonkk
Through the depths of the North Sea and the heights of sickness, zzeevonkk started out as a way to cope with long-term illness. With this music, Sjoerd van Kampen (they/them) is finding an attraction to a more introverted way of music. And with "Oh Death, Embrace Me" it's time to make their first mark with zzeevonkk. "Oh Death, Embrace Me" reflects on a traumatic past to make way for a brighter future. With melodies flowing in strings and augmented-tuned percussion, yet still rooted with some synthesizers. This song marks the first statement by zzeevonkk, with more to come.

About Viana Afoumou
Musician and multi disciplinary artist Viana (vixnde) Afoumou is part of Roodkapje's Hamburger Community
Being an avid enthusiast of horror, homemade bread, and alternative jam sessions, Killer Toaster Electronic Jam Session perfectly combines all these elements in one of Viana's test cases
Keep your eyes peeled and your calendar marked for 19th January 2024 for Viana’s showcase/exhibition!

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