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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

11 May 2024

Futura Resistenza: Jacob Dwyer, Kim David Bots, Lyckle De Jong + Lukas De Clerck + Lucija Gregov

Futura Resistenza presents:
Jacob Dwyer, Kim David Bots, Lyckle De Jong
Lukas De Clerck
Lucija Gregov
+ DJ Cardboard Lamb

for fans of: experimental, improvisation, avant-garde

Taking a scene from Jacob's upcoming audio drama, Tom's house, in which we listen to the diaristic meanderings of a man whose entered the house of an old friend whilst they're not home, scripted spoken words play out against, amongst and occasionally beneath the musical improvisations of Kim and Lyckle. As the man stands in the middle of a living room pushing his head up into a rotting Tudor beam that's holding up the ceiling, he remembers Tom and the things he would say. Performing together for only their second time, the trio will spar and merge words, instruments, foley and field recordings.

Lucija is a cellist, improviser, composer and programmer of music events. She has been developing projects and researching in the fields of classical music, electro acoustic music, improvisation, experimental music, radio and sound art. Through many interdisciplinary collaborations, Lucija seeks to push the boundaries of traditional cello playing which further extend her interpretation, technique and ideas.
Her instrumental cello practice is a starting point of the sonic exploration through which over time she disintegrated traditional techniques in order to discover a more personal and sincere sound aesthetic.
Lucija uses a visceral approach to improvisation as a way to propose a distinctive way of creating, co-creating, thinking and performing in and about current sonic dynamics.
She found improvisation to be a significant tool in enabling emergence of practice and sound materials that are open-ended and continuously transformative.
In various collaborations, Lucija has further explored sound through practice of deep listening and environmental sounding to better understand social power of sound and extended recognition of its sources.

Lukas De Clerck is a musician and artist living in Brussels.
His artistic practice is currently centered around the Aulos, an ancient Greco-Roman, double-reeded double pipe, that got extinct more than a millennium ago.
After several years of delving deep in the practice of Aulos reed making and playing replicas of ancient instruments, he opens up his inevitably auto-didact artistic output in a more collaborative, multi-disciplinary way. Following the desire to strip the instrument from its enigmatic past, De Clerck created a new, contemporary Aulos: The Telescopic Aulos of Atlas.
De Clerck’s approach is driven by playful curiosity with a strong interest in the process of transformation.
Instead of conserving what is found, he invents what is not. A process that aims to be as radical, as it is careful.

The Telescopic Aulos enables De Clerck to narrow down his research on the sound qualities of the instrument in which micro-tonality, psycho-acoustics and sound texture are central elements.
Together with his phenomenological view on the instrument, his research has made him an unique voice in the revival of the instrument, introducing the instrument into different fields of music.
In the margin of his research around the Aulos, Lukas De Clerck likes to work with recognizable, almost everyday sound production like gargling, whistling and sneezing. By putting these sonic happenings in an artistic context, a tension arises between the extra- and the ordinary.
His music was released on several labels such as KRAAK, blickwinkel and Beyt Al Tapes and performed live in venues all over Europe such as Sonic Acts, STUK, UH Fest, Ancienne Belgique, Cave12,...

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