Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
ART X MUSIC X FOOD and everything in between

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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

16 December 2023

Murphy’s Circus #2 with Radio Trapani, the Downbeat Detonators, PUPPIES IN THE SUN, Sinan, the Tovertrutten, Reine & Jake, woetoe, Jannes van Arkel, Spicy Dokha

Murphy's Circus #2
with Radio Trapani, the Downbeat Detonators, PUPPIES IN THE SUN, sleight of hand by Sinan, make-up stand by the Tovertrutten, live visuals by Reine & Jake, live visuals by woetoe, tarot card reading by Jannes van Arkel, Spice Dokha

For fans of: Unplanned adventures in the heart of the city, feeling like a canvas of self-expression, losing yourself in a psychedelic embrace, disappearing and reappearing

Murphy's Circus returns! Join us for an enchanting evening filled with music and creativity, blurring the lines between artists and the audience as they seamlessly exchange roles.
With Murphy’s Circus, Brian Murphy wants to recapitulate the ‘circus’ of art he grew up in. Artists and musicians of different disciplines will provide the guests with an evening filled with the beauty of creative human expression. Whether it be distraction, entertainment or inspiration you’re looking for, Murphy’s Circus will do its best to deliver the goods.

Not only will there be class musicians joining together onstage, but we’re also changing the space into an overall creative circus:
- Step into Tovertrutten's makeup stand, where they'll work their artistic magic to create a masterpiece on your face like no other (fun fact: you might recognize one of the Tovertrutten from the Burgertrut restaurant!)
- Sinan, an illusionist, will join us for sleight of hand,
- Seeking guidance and insight from a tarot reading by Jannes van Arkel, unveiling hidden mysteries
- Live visuals by illustrators Reine & Jake
- Live visuals by illustrators woetoe

20:30 doors
20:45 Spicy Dokha
21:15 Radio Trapani
22:30 the Downbeat Detonators

Spice Dokha
In Spicy Dokha’s journey of escaping the frameworks of must-be’s, her final destination is to fully-be. Her work is always positioned between worlds: from digital to print and image to sound. The work by the experimental artist and vocalist is a translation of pain and shame as well as joy and imagination.

Radio Trapani
RADIO TRAPANI (NL/ITA) makes indie-pop, groovy beats with a hint of jazz melancholia. It is the alter ego of Dario Trapani, Amsterdam-based producer, guitarist and songwriter with a background in jazz and countless hours spent on Ableton. His songs are a processed blend of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Frank Ocean, Mac DeMarco and Dirty Projectors.

the Downbeat Detonators - Rocksteady and Ska from Rotterdam inspired by Jamaican ska from the ’60’s & ‘70s.

(Experimental rock - Buh Records - Lima, PÉROU)
Puppies in the Sun is a noise rock duo with Alberto Cendra on synths and Cristobal Pereira on vocals and drums.
Combining percussions, acoustics, samplers and synthesizers, Puppies in the Sun creates a lively, hypnotic and cathartic performance. Influenced by krautrock, techno, neo-psychedelicism and black metal, PUPPIES IN THE SUN are part of the psych-rock fête of the BUH RECORDS catalogue. Releasing an impressive fury in a wall of sound with their minimum set-up taking you on a transformative auditive journey