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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

26 November 2022

“Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP slapen?”

Performance | Concert | DJ | Poetry | Installation
"Mag ik in uw OORSCHELP slapen?"
with Cara Mayer + Edan Azulay + Michelle Tähti + David Meng-Chuen Chen & Hannah Endrulat
€9 presale / € 11 door
For fans of: Sax & Strauss, blanket forts, psychedelics, Radical poetry, queer utopians, those who’d prefer the dance floor to be a pumpkin patch with a fog machine

Crawl inside the auricle, the harbor of transportation of sound - shipping whispers shouting saxophones yawning ugly crying lovers scratching needles echoing car crashes chewing fries, unbearable silence. Don’t cover your ears, just hide in mine.

A landscape of sound will be woven around the auricle, consisting of fragments of poetry, classical music and ambient sound collage. Earwax will serve as blankets for the cold hearted, as they also need a place to rest,

A collaboration between artists Cara Mayer and Edan Azulay who will make a lush collage between sound and words, Hannah Endrulat and David Meng-Chuen Chen performing an experimental classically influenced music piece - while you may hide in the auricle, a project made by Michelle Tahti.

This night will be curated by Sanneke Kleingeld, a multidisciplinary artist with an expertise on sound and visual art. The evening will be a collage where both of these elements will be combined, an ongoing experiment where comfort and discomfort will hold hands (sweaty palms included). For everyone who's tired of the occasional club nights and ready for disturbed utopia.

Line up:

20:00-20:30 Cara Meyer (live DJ'ing)
20:30-21:30 Edan Azulay + Cara Mayer (Music + Poetry)
21:30-22:15 Hannah Endrulat + David Meng-Chuen Chen (live act)
22:15-22:45 Cara Mayer (live DJ’ing)
22:45-23:15 Cara Mayer + Edan Azulay (music + poetry )
23:15-END Cara Mayer (live Dj’ing)