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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

26 April 2023

Knalbal Carnaval w/ Vieze Meisje, C.V. De GiErBoYs, Rowan van As, Beppie Klaft, Blöd Heinie, Sarine

Pretty//Ugly & Schuffel present Knalbal Carnaval with Vieze Meisje, C.V. De GiErBoYs, Rowan van As, Beppie Klaft, Blöd Heinie, Sarine.

Knalbal Carnaval. The grimy answer to the yearly recurring festivities surrounding inherited wealth in the Netherlands. Off with their heads and dance till you're dead.

Presale €16
Door sale €18

With the debut EP ‘LIFE IS A VIEZE CIRKEL.’ Vieze Meisje presents a brutally intimate coming of age portret driven by beats that are bombastic in their minimalism. Where eclectic producer behind the decks Azertyklavierwerke directs the Vieze Cirkel to a deconstructed dance feast. Vieze Meisje’s present - almost scarcely dressed - vocals are a complete invitation to the recipient to celebrate it’s own vulnerability. Assuming that life in paradise is embedded in the fearless "oomph oomph" and that life is a Vieze Cirkel, Vieze Meisje establishes arbitrary collectivity in a world that is constantly circling around itself.

Aka Simone Schuffelen aka Louise aka Musj, artist and multi talented adhd'er.
Would love to see the audience at Knalbal Carnaval completly dressed up, schminked in fully costum drama crazyness.

Beppie Klaft presents you a medley with her best classic Limburgian tearjerker songs. The 1,50 meter heigh Southern goddess also brings a special act with her to Rotterdam. Buutreedner and comedian Alan will serve you smiles with spicy sadness like a professional chef.

Mariano Melo, aka Marian Sarine, is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist - with primary focus in percussion and drums - based in São Paulo. Known primarily for his work as drummer/percussionist for DEAFKIDS, Marian Sarine has also been collaborating with a wide array of artists - acts as diverse as Rakta, the avant-grindcore band Test, the psychedelic outfit Hierofante, as well as the percussive half of the duo Cavalo Serpente. He is also active as a live musician playing synths and percussion with the electronic musician Felinto. His aesthetic language takes off from the various dichotomies connected to the rhythmical phenomena; from the exploration of its primordial dimensions, linked to the very beginning of musical construction as a whole, to the unfolding of its possibilities as a sophisticated resource, and as a north for possible futures. 

Ik ben zo woedend na het optreden van C.V. de Gierboys. Wat een complete ramp was dat! Ik ben zo uit mijn plaat gegaan in de moshpit dat ik letterlijk uit mijn lichaam ben getreden en toen ik weer bijkwam, was alles wat ik bij me had gestolen! En wat was dat voor muziek? Ik had gehoopt op wat lekkere hardstyle beats, maar in plaats daarvan kreeg ik een stelletje hippies met hun occulte Keltische gezwam. Het was een compleet fiasco en ik raad iedereen af om naar een optreden van C.V. de Gierboys te gaan. Blijf ver weg van deze band als je enig respect hebt voor jezelf of voor je eigendom.