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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

6 October 2023

Futura Resistenza Fest: De Mond (BE), Elisabeth Klinck (BE), Susannah Stark (SCO), Juho Toivonen (FI), Otto Willberg (UK), DIAN (BE), DJ Hoekboud (NL)

Futura Resistenza presents a mini festival with De Mond (BE), Elisabeth Klinck (BE), Susannah Stark (SCO), Juho Toivonen (FI), Otto Willberg (UK), DIAN (BE),
DJ Hoekboud (NL)

A little bit of everything, in true Resistenza fashion: a six-course lineup from after-work apero until the wee hours.

for fans of: Experimental, Electronic, Abstract, Deep Listening, Drone, Free Improvisation, Folk, Spoken Word

De Mond (BE)
DE MOND is the brainchild of Stijn Wybouw and Arno De Bock, two musicians from Brussels. Together, they craft an electrifying blend of mucky vocalizations, tape loops, hypnotic synth sounds, and deep drum beats.

Elisabeth Klinck (BE)
Elisabeth Klinck, a violinist and composer from Brussels, fuses classical music with experimental electro-acoustic sounds. Her music weaves emotive soundscapes using soft tones, hypnotic patterns, and extended violin techniques. In recent years she has collaborated with Miet Warlop, Sarah Davachi, Ben Bertrand and Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, among others. She recently dropped her debut album on Hallow Ground, known for acts like Kali Malone. Created in a deserted Spanish Pyrenees village, the album's embracing silenced, collage-like compositions where time and space can roam freely.

Susannah Stark (SCO)
Scottish singer & visual artist Susannah Stark explores the many dimensions of softness in relation to the human voice and manners of speech, drawing from a folk music upbringing to create sparse yet immersive sound collages orchestrated by voice, field recordings, trumpet and distorted percussion, evoking places - both internal and external - connected with experiences of faith and being. Her debut album ‘Time Together (Hues And Intensities)’ out on Stroom in 2020, was described by Noel Gardner in The Quietus as “a seven-song serving of gossamer dub-pop experimentalism" and as a live show by Jude Browning in MAP Magazine as "music suspending weightlessness and opacity with the unfathomable facets of existence"

Juho Toivonen (FI)
Juho Toivonen is a 25-year-old experimental musician from Pori, Finland whose debut solo tape “Lament & Rejoice” was released in 2021 and soon after that his sophomore follow up "Suurpää" came to see the light of the day. After these releases filled with deep drones and ominous ambience, Toivonen is reaching for new heights. On his debut solo vinyl release "Kasveille ja Eläimille," a collaboration between Futura Resistenza and Ultraääni, Toivonen explores meditative territories. He employs improvised repetitions on an untuned piano, complemented by occasional field recordings and sustained synthesizers.

Otto Willberg (UK)
Otto Willberg plays various bass instruments and lives in London. Live, Otto performs unashamedly melodic improvisational workouts created almost entirely with heavily filtered bass harmonica and electric bass. Strangely abstracted funk and fusion, a blend of the abstruse and immediate. silky smooth, luxurious, odd and compelling, “like listening to Eberhard Weber through a drainpipe”.
Willberg is often heard on acoustic and electric bass in free improv settings and bands with Laurie Tompkins (Yes Indeed) and Charles Hayward (Abstract Concrete//This Heat), as well as the fractured No Wave unit Historically Fucked. His previous solo releases have ranged from extended technique double bass to explorations of the acoustics of a 19th century artillery fort.
His solo record ’The Leisure Principle’ is just out on Oren Ambarchi‘s Black Truffle label. A collection of unashamedly melodic & profoundly strange workouts for heavily filtered bass harmonica & electric bass!

DIAN is the music project of Diana Duta, an artist working with sound in hypnotic ways. Since 2019, she has been running Jambes, a recording studio functioning as a platform for artists who experiment with aural communication, voice and the written word.

DJ Hoekboud (NL)
DJ Hoekboud spins records that could be deemed accessible, drawing from a range of genres. However, his unique timing and knack for selecting the perfect track at the right moment are unmatched.

Futura Resistenza is a label and platform based in Brussels and Rotterdam, situated at the crossroads of performance, music, and visual arts. Roodkapje has welcomed the label to curate a concert series at our venue. This year, they're embarking on the Intercity Direct journey alongside musicians and artists from Brussels and Rotterdam who share a link with the label, as well as people who they simply admire and want to see perform.

Presale €10,-
Door sale €12,-

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