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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

14 September 2024

Yarrow Ballet label night with Dissemblance, Archetype, Loma Doom, Samira

21:30-01:00 | TICKETSdoors open 20:30
ffo: Futura Resistenza, Knekelhuis, live electronics, indian summer listening night

For this evening, Roodkapje Rotterdam invited Rotterdam label Yarrow Ballet to curate an evening full of live electronics.

Yarrow Ballet
Yarrow Ballet is a young Rotterdam-based record label founded by Ofra. Last year, they released "Soleil Tartare" by Dim Garden, a five-track EP that embodies both the depths of Hades’ underworld and Helios’ realm. Following this release, Yarrow Ballet released a beautiful compilation this year, introducing “Yarrow Ballet’s V.A.01” featuring ten tracks.

After her first LP on Mannequin Records in 2019, Dissemblance released her second album “Centauresse” on the New York label L.I.E.S. Records a year ago, followed by a series of concerts where cold wave and minimal synth meet intimate pop sound.

The Parisian artist adds a new arsenal of instruments to her repertoire, bringing together a variety of styles and sounds marking them with her own exceptional style. She invites us to explore the full range of her musical dynamics, leading the listener into her universe where the border between dreams and reality blurs into one, with no tangible beginning or end.

She will perform live along with Vicnet on synths.

Leonard Prochazka – active on Knekelhuis through his aliases Archetype and Geier Aus Stahl – is a conceptual artist, consistently centering his output around a core concept.
The Viennese Rotterdammer was inspired for the latter alias‘s „Strapazen und Genesung“ album, released in 2022, by the German student protests of 1968. Sonically, he translated his research
on political texts and art made around that time, either as a result of or in reaction to these movements, while focusing on a stripped-down DIY cassette culture sound.

His new project, Archetype, is an abstract scream for something quite fragile, exploring personal experiences of a polarizing society and disruptive isolation. Contrastingly, it embraces digitized,
precise sound design with bold hooks and dramatic vocals, evoking industrial trip-hop and post-punk-leaning electronics. Archetype’s debut album „The Ick“ releases in 2024 on Knekelhuis.
When performing live, Leonard has a control-freak meets punk attitude, connecting with his audience in a primal way.

Loma Doom
Loma Doom, a true radio veteran and beacon of twisted and mesmerizing sounds. Whether you experience her musical activities or those relating to her contemporary arts practice, curiosity is a
key aspect gracing Femke Dekker (real name). As Loma Doom, her signature style revolves around electronic experimentalism, both for mind and movement, seeking the outliers, one that avoids linearity, towards a space where intuition and understanding meet. Actively incorporating styles predating the computer era, she sources from her fondness for freak folk, psychedelic and hardcore punk. This openness veered Femke into a category of respected deejays in the leftfield underground, having played influential spots such as Salon Des Amateurs, Meakusma and Dekmantel, amongst others. Using radio and archives as her main media, her current focus is on various notions of listening and how listening is actually a call to action.

She holds radio residencies at Stranded FM (show: Daydream Nation), Radio Tempo Não Pára (Helter Skelter) and Echobox (Left of the Dial) and will start a new residency at Mutant Radio in
Tbilisi, Georgia later this year. Parallel to spending her time behind decks, Femke has a multi-faceted practice as contemporary arts educator, teaching as a (guest) tutor at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, Design Academy Eindhoven and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and is an artistic research fellow for the Amsterdam based Visual Methodologies Collective.

Rotterdam-based Samira found her niche in the city's electronic music scene as a resident DJ at Operator. Specializing in melancholic electro and wave, her sets at the club became known for their
distinct, darker palette. While her music reflects the city's urban landscapes and resonates with its gritty spirit, she also contributed to the local music culture by supporting local music platforms and clubs.