Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

25 August 2024

CUCUMBER TIME // Scatter Chatter

19:00-20:00 | free entrance
CucumberTime | on three Sundays in July & August | 19:00 | free entrance |
Under the simmering summer sun Rotterdam slides in a slow and lazy haze. With people looking for cool waters and shade, it can feel like there is not much going on…

After last year’s Cucumber Time we’re back again with a new series of performances in Burgertrut every other Sunday in July & August with the theme “rituals”, brought to you by Carla Menas, Jip Moeken, Paul Mullenberg, Chris Nelck, calyces, armedwithbow, Riviera Taylor, km0 and Chae.

Scatter Chatter by km0 and Chae

Scatter Chatter imagines the smartphones of the audience as a networked instrument. In this interactive audio-visual performance, devices are connected together through a website to create a polyphonic ensemble. The range of the speaker, the colors of the screen, the resolution of the camera, the speed of connection... all become distinctive traits that contribute to the live-set.

DIWO Working Group
You are looking at a Venn diagram with the following sets: software, performance, drawing, documentary, birds, drawing again, coloring, hosting, publishing, humor and intimacy. In some of their intersections, you read the name Kamo. In others, you will see the name Chae.