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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

11 August 2024

CUCUMBER TIME // in the stillness are waves dancing

19:00-20:00 | free entrance
CucumberTime | on three Sundays in July & August | 19:00 | free entrance |
Under the simmering summer sun Rotterdam slides in a slow and lazy haze. With people looking for cool waters and shade, it can feel like there is not much going on…

After last year’s Cucumber Time we’re back again with a new series of performances in Burgertrut every other Sunday in July & August with the theme “rituals”, brought to you by Carla Menas, Jip Moeken, Paul Mullenberg, Chris Nelck, calyces, armedwithbow, Riviera Taylor, km0 and Chae.

In the stillness are waves dancing by calyces x Armed With Bow

“Sometimes it happens that a person is born into the ending of a world. In such times the stories of the future no longer make sense. It falls to us to tell ourselves new stories about who we are.” Federico Campagna

In the stillness are waves dancing is a participatory ritual performance of sound and image, drawing on practices of ritual soundbaths, poetic storytelling, and techno-druidism. Embracing grief and lament as a starting point, in this tender becoming Armed With Bow and calyces invite you to lend them your ears, your eyes, your voice and your bodies.

Cello strokes are cybernetically entangled with mystical tones, woven together with visuals that combine textural video clips and digital manipulation. Soften to the resonant patterns that dance over your body, as they conjure a visceral journey of light and dark, joy and sorrow, fear and surrender, stillness and dancing. The performance cultivates moments of remembering, of accepting limits, and of feeling beyond what makes us human.

Am I a wave of waves?

Sensing, reconnecting to our more-than-human kin, and seeing how to process grief, loss and vulnerability, can lead us towards futures of fuller aliveness.