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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

13 July 2024

MEUK Release Rave

Experience the MEUK underground techno sound during the first edition of the MEUK Release Rave at the intimate dance floor of Roodkapje!

MEUK Collective
MEUK is a Rotterdam based old school techno music collective and record label, founded by Denn Punk and Eva Bohnen. ‘Meuk’ means ‘junk’ or ‘mess’. “We both base our music on old school techno and for us techno should be a bit messy. Whether it’s junk or not, that’s up to you to decide…” Eva has just released her solo Bliep EP on tape cassette and Denn Punk’s new ‘Tijdloos EP’ will be released on July 5th. You can pre-order the vinyl EP on MEUK Collective’s Bandcamp page, see link below. To celebrate their new releases, MEUK invited some local dj-friends, meet the line-up (A-Z) for the night:

Denn Punk 
Denn Punk started his career as a DJ with vinyl in the early 90s and this can still be heard in his sets and productions. Expect old school grooves with funky tunes, combined with pumping beats to get the crowd moving. In his productions you can hear his signature sound in the reverse kicks and off-beat drum grooves. Due to the abundance of percussion, his style is rightly categorized as (hard)groovy techno.

Eva Bohnen 
Eva Bohnen has only just started producing and dj-ing in 2021. Her love for underground techno stems from the rave scene of the 90s and the alternative punk culture where her roots lie. These edgy influences are noticeable in her sound, which can be characterized as raw and intense with repetitive synth sequences. Besides producing, dj-ing and managing the label, Eva is also the designer of MEUK.

Invalid Request
Invalid Request specialized himself in deep atmospheric techno which will let you think and dance at the same time. Besides being behind the decks, Invalid Request is an integral part of underground Techno in Rotterdam. For more than 5 years he has been showcasing local artists through his platform Derailed Radio.
IG Invalid Request:
IG Derailed:

Perroxx is a dj and producer, based in Rotterdam. He grew up with music and played several instruments. A few years ago, he started to focus on producing electronic and techno music. His deep electronic techno combined with melodic, hypnotic sounds, is what he wants people to experience when they listen to his sets.

RICA is a Rotterdam based dj. His hardgroove-style can be described as deep and enthusiastic. With his rolling bass he gets down the river and always deliver those grooves right into the crowds’ soul. RICA also organizes events, and he brings talent together with his Diffracted Showcases at DRLD.
IG Diffracted:

Timetable: t.b.a.
Age limit: 21+
Doors: 22:00h
Price: €12,50 pre-sale, €15,00 door sale (excl. €0,79 service costs). tickets
With your ticket you get 20% discount on MEUK’s vinyl and merchandise collection (check your ticket for the discount code).