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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

28 July 2024

CUCUMBER TIME // Goblin Feast

19:00-21:00 | free entrance
CucumberTime | on three Sundays in July & August | 19:00 | free entrance |
Under the simmering summer sun Rotterdam slides in a slow and lazy haze. With people looking for cool waters and shade, it can feel like there is not much going on…

After last year’s Cucumber Time we’re back again with a new series of performances in Burgertrut every other Sunday in July & August with the theme “rituals”, brought to you by Carla Menas, Jip Moeken, Paul Mullenberg, Chris Nelck, calyces, armedwithbow, Riviera Taylor, km0 and Chae.

Goblin Feast: Rituals by Donatas, Carla & Goblin friends

Goblin Feast is a celebration of odd, mythical foods inspired by a European folklore creature, the goblin. Dirty, mischievous outcasts. Goblins supposedly live in grottoes, but attach themselves to households, where they are believed to bang upon pots and pans, snatch nightclothes off the bodies of sleeping people, move furniture at night, and flee after rapping on walls and doors. We find freedom in the vague and the dirty and let our fantasy run wild on foods resulting in a 70’ inspired dinner party. We feast like they would after a satisfying night of taunting humans.

In this edition we look at rituals in feasting, habits, and religion. Goblin Feast; Rituals takes a mystical look on what rituals can mean when food is involved.

Carla Menas:

Carla is an artist from Cyprus and Lebanon who focuses primarily on sculpture and participatory meetings and/ or performances. Using mostly found objects and repurposed materials, the goal is to exude humor in the deeply personal. The aggravating aspects of exoticism, Orientalism and modernist movements that destroy the opulence of minorities is what is opposed. Extravagant DIY feasts, fun and fiction is what helps achieve this.

Donatas Tretjakovas:

Donatas Tretjakovas investigates the boundaries of morality, consciousness and the human body. His anthropomorphic practice, consisting of performance, sculpture and installation, is inspired by the overlap of animalistic primitivity and absurdity of vices, implemented in the society. He often uses raw materials, such as animal flesh, body fluids and food in his works. The choice is determined by the attraction to the polarity between dirty and sterile, alive and decomposing, ephemeral and stable. His obsession with the grotesque, drives the artist to create ironic, dark and enigmatic works, which push the spectator or participant towards the ambiguous unknown.

Jip Moeken

Jip Moeken is a Rotterdam based photographer with a love for cooking and baking. He works as an event photographer documenting nightlife, concerts, parties, and exhibitions. Within his personal work however he works with topics like family (history), nature, queer identity and trans love. Documenting delicate and personal moments, people and their stories.

Paul Smullenberg

Paul Smullenberg is an artist and a cook by heart, having spent a big part of his life in the kitchen. He knows his way around a fryer and is not scared to get creative with ingredients. Blending, mixing and kneading art and food together. Paul’s food is not a dinner it is an experience. Delicious & strange. He has a gift for storytelling and is also a well-known dungeon master in Rotterdam. Dungeons & Dragons is where his imagination goes wild. Goblins are the order of the day form him.

Chris Nelck

Chris Nelck is a publisher, painter, and performance artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His love for art and publishing was passed on by his grandpa, who showed him his collection of art books as a kid. Now, Chris will turn anything into a publication. His works center Queer performativity, radical openness, and explores different kinds of relationships. His relationship with his grandpa, his partner, the public, and the world (angry and full of love). He positions himself between artists and activists of the past and in the future, honoring those who came before him and hoping to make a difference for those that will come.