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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

3 July 2024

Bhajan Bhoy + Mind Crush

20:30-23:00 | €10 - buy ticket
A chance to experience and listen to some incredible music on a summer’s evening with Bhajan Bhoy and Mind Crush

for fans of: Popol Vuh, deep listening, Colleen, electronic soundscapes, John Fahey, Terry Riley, La Monte Young

Deep meditative music filled with kosmische guitar psych magick / sonic raga trips / melodic mantras / esoteric electronica that thrill and elevate the listener to a higher sonic plane.
Bhajan Bhoy is the project of Ajay Saggar (guitar, electronics, harmonium, tapes). Drawing from a deep well of psychedelia, Bhajan Bhoy shifts the parameters of the genre with a beautiful and meditative set of tracks.

MIND CRUSH (Kendraplex / Chelsea Bridge) - USA
Mind Crush is the improvisational sonic collaboration of Mallory Linehan (violin, vocals, electronics) and Kendra Calhoun (organ, keyboard, vocals, electronics).
Kendra Calhoun and Mallory Linehan work together to bring longform compositions to improvisation, with a unifying tone that mediates chaos and euphoria toward a manageable experience.