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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

27 June 2024

Release show Rijnbaart

20:30-23:00 | tickets 12,00doors open 20:00
For fans of: Joji, Bon Iver, AG Cook

Rijnbaart takes you on a dream flight through digital emotion. On his debut 'Maankind' the sensitive Rotterdammer bares his buttocks and fuses indie, hip hop and hyperpop.

Rijnbaart breaks the rules of Dutch pop and your heart - and then glues the pieces together even more beautifully.

Rijnbaart explores the boundaries of Dutch pop. The producer from Rotterdam forges a magical sound. With sampler, guitar and moving vocals he paints digital emotion and poetry. Music that goes through the marrow and bone.

He achieved success as a producer and songwriter with several artists. The song Lose Control, which he produced with musical soulmate Jopie, found a home on A COLORS SHOW during Elijah Waters' performance. With Dave Budha he was nominated for an Edison after making Raamuit and Tuinen Van Het Licht. Cero Ismael has emerged as a controversial and acclaimed artist. Rijnbaart played with them at places like Noorderslag, Best Kept Secret and Down The Rabbit Hole.

In his songs he incorporates ideas that he has come up with along the way. The mix of influences is original: electronic, rock, jazz and hip-hop merge into super musical lo-fi hyper pop.