Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

14 June 2024

L’orne (release show), Indigo Pastel, Ruda Krua


On this special evening where we fall into un eternal nap in the dance of reflections that life offers, we celebrate the birthday of L'orne's debut album: "and I fell asleep forever," together with two of Rotterdam's most promising bands Whoooom and Indigo Pastel.

for fans of: Slowdive, Chelsea Wolfe, Deftones, Swans, Radiohead, Deathcrash, Tears For Fears, Future Islands

The sirens of L’orne sing songs straight from the ether. Reminiscing on getting lost in mossy forests, losing sight of the misty sea in front of you and the ever growing static inside of your head. L’orne whispers in your ear, singing you to sleep, just before conjuring up a storm big enough to turn your dream into a nightmare.
The four-piece, visually aided by their not-so-secret fifth member, create dynamic songs that cross between Slowcore, Noise, Postrock & Shoegaze.

Indigo Pastel
Indigo Pastel’s sonic palette is purposely volatile and urgent: one foot anchored in downbeat dream pop, lo-fi folk and lurching slowcore, the other in sweeping synth pop, new wave and alt-rock. Within that range of influences, they seek out remnants of warmth, triumph and idealism within even the most barren corners of the human psyche. Having gained steady following due to their intense, rapturous live shows – often in stark contrast with their recordings – Indigo Pastel are as all-embracing as they come, just as infatuated with 80s New Romantics hedonism as Wong Kar Wai films. 

20:30 Ruda Krua
21:30 Indigo Pastel
22:30 L'orne

Tickets €10,-