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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

25 May 2024

Gut Health

Roodkapje x Rotown present:
Gut Health

ffo: Crack Cloud, Mhaol, Squid

Bold in the ear canals, adventurous on the eyeballs, the six-member Gut Health has emerged from the Naarm/Melbourne underground as one of the most exciting new acts in Australia. Their hypnotic art-punk with a bizarre edge of post-punk encapsulates their LGBTI background with an uncompromising approach and a healthy dose of anger. With the spirit of the No-Wave revolution in New York in mind, and the diverse musical backgrounds of each player - from punk to jazz and beyond - they create a multifaceted and extremely exciting, dance floor-filling post-punk madness.

With only an EP and a few singles in their repertoire, they present themselves as an extraordinary promise, most embodied by a coveted spot at the prestigious SXSW showcase festival. These Aussies know how to rock, and they know how to dance, and the combination of these two elements creates an energetic whole that leaves no prisoners. Need a kickstart to get those feet moving from a standstill? You've just found one.