Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

9 May 2024

Egg Idiot + The Cosmosians

Nospray x Roodkapje present
Egg Idiot, The Cosmosians

for fans of: Coneheads, Uranium Club, Gee Tee, Rudimentary Peni, Lumpy & The Dumpers

Egg Idiot

Hard boiled, sunny-side-up or scrambled; everybody loves their eggs in a different way. If you’d ask us, we like ours in a very specific way: life-sized, screaming and jumping around on a stage or crowdsurfing over the audience! You guessed it: EGG IDIOT is back - and this time he won’t be alone! If you were cool enough to be at Left of the Dial back in 2021, you’ll definitely remember the bizarre energy this egg-centric fella brought to the stage all by himself - so imagine the absolute chaos it’s gonna be now that he’s bringing a full band!


The Cosmosians

The Cosmosians, from planet earth, make their long-awaited post-covid comeback in 2024. Expect weirdo punk that feels like a sucker punch to the groin.


This evening is hosted by Nospray, a Rotterdam-based DIY collective with a keen ear for the most exciting bands of tomorrow. Uncompromising and punk, in both love of music and work ethic, a Nospray line-up gives as much attention to innovators in guitar music as it does underrated bands of the past. The local music scene is flourishing faster than ever since Nospray's arrival, and that's no coincidence.

Doors: 20.00h
Price: € 11,- (presale, incl. service costs), Door: € 12,50