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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

6 April 2024

StukaNight: TEUN, WINE, DJ Siaga

The official afterparty of Stukafest Rotterdam 2024.

At the 6th of April Roodkapje will host the afterparty for Rotterdam's one and only student room festival, Stukafest. Join all the artists, room hosts and attendees as they come together to celebrate the last few hours of the coziest cultural event in Rotterdam. For the 2024 edition TEUN, WINE and SIAGA will make sure that we remember what our limbs really are for.

22:30 doors open
23:15 TEUN
00:45 WINE
01:30 DJ Siaga

TEUN is the project of singer-songwriter Teun Los. His music can be described as indie pop/rock with a whiff of Michael Kiwanuka and a hint of Jamie Cullum. Dreamy but powerful. Inspired by his chaotic life as a creative in his early twenties, he wrote his debut EP called ‘Homebound’ which is set to release May 3rd ’24. Together with his band he’ll give a preview of this EP, as well as new work. 

WINE is a Rotterdam-based popartist who makes music heavily influenced by 90’s house and 80’s synthwave. Always looking for that fine line between dance music and music to cry to. WINE. stands for the new generation, the LGBTQ+ community and the search for your own identity. Taboos are broken and you can dance however you want. But above all, is WINE. about the freedom to be who you are, without judgement. All songs are self-written and produced.

WINE. loves to cry in the club.
WINE. loves wine.
WINE. loves sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll.
WINE. is young.
WINE. is energetic.
WINE. is queer.
WINE. loves to break taboos.
WINE. is about freedom.
WINE. is about losing yourself.
WINE. is about finding yourself.
WINE. is about being yourself.

DJ Siaga
Issiaga Camara also known as Siaga is a Budapest and Rotterdam based Hungarian
producer and DJ rooted from Guinea. Growing up in Budapest, he always had a high interest in music, at 16 he got introduced to music making by Árzsáng Lotfi and Viktor Sagi. He started his career under the name of Sixsix, hugely inspired by Trap, Hip-Hop and Future Beats. Soon after he started studying electronic music at the University of Pécs, his focus shifted on producing his own
music. In 2016 he became co-founder of the collective Elevated Crew and contributed to the first album of Babe Sila ‘August’ and produced for the Atlanta based rapper 6dogs. During the years Siaga reached multiple Central European countries, where he played at festivals, exhibitions and radios.
His DJ sets are touching on multiple genres that are built upon a concept, blending his wide spectrum of influences of Club Culture and the genres Hip Hop, House, Baile Funk,
Club, UK garage, Jungle and Footwork. Going from DJ sets and production, now he also performs live as an instrumentalist on bass guitar, guitar and keyboards under the alter ego of Thomas High, bass guitarist in the band Henri Gonzo es a Papirsarkanyok, and produces experimental electronic music as Luvtoshima.