Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

8 March 2024

Neighbours Burning Neighbours // Space Siren // Big Money Maaike

Online tickets are sold out,
Door tickets will still be available during the event!

for fans of: Sonic Youth, Protomartyr, Shoegaze, Angeliek Vermonden, Katzwijm, Library Card

8th of March is a very special date for Roodkapje, not only is it International Womens Day; we are also saying goodbye to our very own power vrouw Angeliek Vermonden, who is now spreading her wings into a new career path.
Angeliek has been a driving force behind the scenes of Roodkapje for already 13 years!! Roodkapje would not have been the place it is without her!
For her goodbye ceremony we are bringing sad party hats, her favourite bands Space Siren, Neighbours Burning Neighbours and best DJ in town Big Money Maaike.
This is event is also accessible for people who don't know Angeliek and just want to listen to a great selection of noise bands; we just wanted to start with an honourable mention of our sweetheart Angeliekie.

Rotterdam-based quartet Neighbours Burning Neighbours is unfazed by chaos. In fact, the band’s music could be considered something of a safe space for the more chaotic skirmishes; a formidable, malformed brand of noise-pop that pierces through the void, achieving a joyous harmony within even the starkest of discord.
Sharing band members with Library Card, the Sweet Release of Death, AC Berkheimer and Laundry Days, this busy bunch is recording their debut album at the moment, set to release in September 2024. Their show in Roodkapje can be seen as a sneaky snippet for what is yet to come.

Space Siren can be considered one of the most influential noiserock bands in the Netherlands, acting as a catalyst for numerous musicians to delve into harder, rawer music. Much like how the Sex Pistols introduced punk to Manchester in the late '70s, inspiring bands like Joy Division, Buzzcocks, The Fall, Frantic Elevators, and The Smiths, Space Siren similarly brought noiserock to Rotterdam.