Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
ART X MUSIC X FOOD and everything in between

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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

15 March 2024


EQO = artivism | expo | performance | workshop | queer club night

Exploring the crossroads of queerness and nature

Let’s celebrate the queerness of nature through the dynamic canvas of 'artivism.' On March 15th, Roodkapje transforms into a mini-festival, placing a spotlight on the profound connection between nature and queer identities. Let the ardor of eco-loving young creators, fueled by a deep love for our planet, be your guide. Immerse yourself in exhibitions, a hands-on workshop, performance, and, of course, an unapologetically powerful DJ set.

Join us in this kaleidoscopic celebration. Dive in. Dance on. Make an impact.

Swing by and catch a glimpse of eQo’s exhibition artworks throughout the entire weekend at Roodkapje.

“Climate justice and queer emancipation are inherently intertwined and strengthen each other. By creating EQO, we as queer climate activists and art lovers, want to create a space where we can explore, learn, and celebrate the beautiful diversity of all beings.”
Sharon Prince & Chabelle van der Pauw


Herbal Balm Making - Garden of Queerdom
During the workshop, you will be making personalized care balms, from local herbs & beeswax. Garden of Queerdom (GOQ) will go into the importance of community care, and how the earth can offer us ways to connect to each other and ourselves, while embracing the full spectrum of who we are as queer folk.
GOQ is a herbal care initiative that centers the needs of the queer community, through workshops, community events and herbal walks. They work with local, homegrown or wild foraged herbs and always in collaboration with the earth.

✏️We've got limited spots, so please sign up for the workshop in advance here .
Registration is free if you've got a ticket for EQO. We'll send you an email confirmation by March 8th, or let you know if you're on the waiting list.

Permeable Skins - Tim van Loon
In search of Queer inheritance in Utrecht, Tim came across the cruising spot and nude beach at Maarseveense Plassen. In these waters, He found the frog and learned about its dependent relation to the water.
“In ‘Permeable Skins,’ I use the medium of film as a temporary body of water. I invite viewers to envision having a body with permeable skin, akin to the frog's. Hereby proposing another way of relating to each other and our surroundings.”
Tims practice is about developing ways of building intimacy with the human/non-human, emphasizing the use of our senses.

Urban symbiosis - Emmy van de Grift
Emmy van de Grift creates colorful artworks of stained glass, inspired by different structures and processes in nature. The way light shines through the glass changes throughout the day, creating a play of color, light and shadow. Emmy takes their inspiration from fungi. As part of the natural cycle, fungi complete the circle between death and new energy, like from the evening to a new day.
Emmy makes art from an urge to highlight the small beauties at the edges of our field of vision. We find ourselves in a system where everything affects the next, seemingly perfectly coordinated. With the glass art, Emmy captures moments where the dividing line between human and nature is momentarily imperceptible.

room to bloom - Natalija Gucheva & Benjamin Schoones
Soft corners slow down time within the world's rapid speed. Living in passing, tensioned by knotting the curtain cords, rubbing moving fibers on an overfolding surface. Collagen and found eggshells press into a vessel that carries somatic liquid morphed into that which keeps us from sponge-free riders.

This world takes place both literally and conceptually through a co-created poem. Two entities explore the complexity of one's system, capable of producing and maintaining itself by creating its own parts. Through self-made instruments, field recordings, and performing fragmented poetry, we explore this emerging tension and open possibilities for new material kinships.

DJ and live percussion - Dizzi Geetha
“Once they took me out the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of me”

Dizzi Geetha is a Queer POC artist from Sri Lanka, based in the Netherlands. They developed themselves as a composer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ. They have a big love for nature and nature sounds. This, you will definitely hear back in their music choices and compositions. Dizzi Geetha also uses their music in sound healing rituals and ceremonies with plant medicine, to dive deeper into the unconsciousness.

Alles Exploding DJ
Designer by day, DJ by night and performer by heart. With a deep passion for house and garage coursing through her veins, Nicky a.k.a. Alles Exploding DJ got an arsenal of bangers ready to drop in her set. 

DJ ZEZ is a queer dj from Rotterdam whose style can be best described as an eclectic mix of hyperpop soundscapes, breakbeat, deconstructed club and acid. When she’s not busy playing DnD or smashing the patriarchy, she’s dumpster diving for a new bootleg or remix to play.

Tickets for the EQO opening night with workshops, performance, queer clubbing are now available.
Early bird: €13
Pre-sale: €16
Door sale: €18

Swing by and catch a glimpse of EQO’s exhibition artworks throughout the entire weekend at Roodkapje.
Free weekend expo:
Sat-Sun 14.00 – 21.00