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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

10 February 2024

The Covids + Splinter + Supersonic Blues

Rotown x Roodkapje:
Triple Bill

for fans of: punk and rock 'n roll at its best, Buzzcocks, Death Alley

Hailing from Amsterdam, The Covids epitomize punk in its truest form: swift, intense, and incredibly contagious. The band emerged during the initial lockdown in the Netherlands amidst the pandemic, boldly adopting the name "The Covids." Their fusion of '77 punk and modern pop music creates a seamless blend, yielding songs that are impossible to resist: catchy, unfiltered, and full of energy. Picture a youthful, enthusiastic iteration of The Buzzcocks, effortlessly commanding the stage with infectious melodies, robust rhythms, and razor-sharp guitars.

"Birth of Death" marked the name of the joint farewell tour for Birth of Joy and Death Alley, concluding with a sold-out performance at Paradiso in 2019. Surprisingly, the end of these two bands paved the way for something new just a few months later – the birth of the supergroup Splinter. The band's rock 'n roll is not just danceable; it's downright provocative and rebellious. Picture a group of seasoned Dutch troublemakers skillfully playing a Hammond organ and a couple of guitars. With lyrics in Dutch, they have a knack for getting even the most composed Dutch individual to dance and let out a few choice words.

Fuelled by an obsession for obscure, groovy, and fuzzed-out tunes from the '60s and '70s, Supersonic Blues delivers greasy jams that draw inspiration from the likes of the Hendrix Experience, Blue Cheer, MC5, and Cream, all with a touch of funk and soul. The heavy guitars emanate a wonderfully raw and vintage sound, rich in fuzz and funk, complete with a psychedelic twist. Their recordings transport listeners back to a sunny day on a sandy field in the late '60s, envisioning a fantastic rock band playing on stage while psychedelic vibes are just within reach.