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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
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15 December 2023

Loveth + Chypko + L’orne

Loveth + Chypko + L'orne
Single release party

for fans of: Fela Kuti, Bed, Mazzy Star, Duster, Chelsea Wolfe, Swans

Join us on the 15th of December to celebrate the release Loveth's new single 'On Me' together with Rotterdam's finest Chypko and L'orne.
This event also serves as Loveth's special year-end finale, wrapping up a tour across the Netherlands for Popronde earlier this Autumn.
'On Me' is a single off their new Ep coming on the 23rd of February 2024

About Loveth
Rotterdam based Cameroonian producer, and songwriter Loveth Besamoh effortlessly navigates and blends genres to create his versatile brand of psych music. Music that transcends cultures and continents to express the inner workings of the producer. Loveth is supported in his live performances by an eclectic live band.

About Chypko
Born in the Andes, Flor began crafting melodies when she first laid hands on a guitar during her early years. As time unfolded, so did her musical journey, taking her to distant corners of the world.

Since 2018, she has been an integral part of the Rotterdam-based dreamgaze band Bed, as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and co-writer. Together, they unveiled their debut album, "Wet." Concurrently, Flor ventured into a collaborative project, releasing the album "Isle of Ga" with the band Whooom in the same year.

While inherently a singer-songwriter, Chypko sometimes sheds the cocoon to embrace a more expansive psychedelic dreampop sound with a full band. With her sweet yet dark ethereal sound, Chypko envelops listeners in a hug of captivating musical landscapes.

About L'orne
L’orne are storytellers, tearjerkers and lovers. This gloomy slowcore posse challenges conventional norms as they endeavor to create the most somber and unhurried music imaginable. Through their exploration of focused sounds and textural silences, they weave a sonic tapestry capturing the essence of introspective melancholia.