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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

14 November 2023

Ruby Haunt + Echo Beatty

Ruby Haunt
Support: Echo Beatty

For fans of: Wild Nothing, Deerhunter, Beach House

Ruby Haunt is hard to define. The LA duo plays minimal dreampop, but it ranges from synth ballads, contemporary pop, to even r&b, but it’s really none of those things. The timid, upbeat and electronically driven songs often have a melancholic feeling to it, like a nightly car ride in pleasant silence with a soulmate, or a sundown at the end of summer.

This melancholy is a guideline through the whole sappy Ruby Haunt oeuvre. Their songs feel oh so good, and are incredibly addicting, but often come with a gloomy taste (like life itself). When you are done listening to Ruby, you don’t know what to listen to next, because nothing feels quite the same. A landscape of dreams will emerge in front of your eyes at Roodkapje on this night.

Echo Beatty will support the building of this landscape. She plays with the tension between bold, gritty guitars and infectious melodies with soft and warm layers, creating her unique musical territory in indie rock and alternative pop. The unmistakable vocals of Annelies van Dinter will guide you on a journey through her dreamy, electronica world.

Ticket: €12,50 (incl fee)