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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

10 November 2023

Lucid Express + Sunnbrella

Rotown x Roodkapje presents: Lucid Express + Sunnbrella
shoegaze double bill!

The collaborative brilliance of the five young visionaries of Lucid Express, crafts a captivating blend of shoegaze and indiepop, mirroring the charm of Hong Kong’s urban allure. Their name embodies radiant ambition and a commitment to guiding listeners through kaleidoscopic sounds. Amid these sonic landscapes, tales of youthful existence explore love and heartache. Siblings Samuel and Wai’s rhythmic unity anchors soaring sonic tapestries by guitarists Andy and Sky, elegantly interwoven with Kim’s vocals and synth, resulting in an emotive musical journey.

Sunnbrella stands as the personal endeavor of David Zbirka, a musician and producer originally from Prague but now based in London. His creative output revolves around crafting a sun-drenched blend of shoegaze and beat-driven melancholy, marked by a diverse sonic palette that resonates with rich emotional sentiments. The inception of the project began as a modest venture, characterized by lo-fi bedroom pop aesthetics. Sunnbrella’s inaugural album titled ‘Heartworn,’ released on February 24th, has garnered critical acclaim. The record is a dreamy compilation brimming with melodies and rhythms that seamlessly traverse the realms of shoegaze and lo-fi pop.