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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

17 November 2023

☆085- Phone Number Release Party with bela, Yem Gel, LARASATI, Derozan, Whistle & Klont, NDNMK Solutions

☆085- Phone Number Release Party
with bela, Yem Gel, LARASATI, Derozan, Whistle & Klont, NDNMK Solutions

truly truly special event presented by NDNMK Solutions; 17 November 2023 we will unsheathe a 085-business telephone number which you can call relentlessly and get wrecked financially;

ether arteries slither down from the sky; POV of divine emanation; a colonoscopy of forking paths; an anthropomorphic Boeing 747 with enormous breasts descends down from the heavens; your entrepreneur heart in her kerosene embrace;

for the release party we have wonderful people playing live music (bela, Yem Gel, Whistle & Klont, NDNMK Solutions), DJ sets (LARASATI, Derozan), and even a sound workshop (Yem Gel); it’s unbelievable but it's true…


Sound workshop by Yem Gel

Prior to the ☆085- Phone Number Release you’re invited to join a workshop by UK artist Yem Gel, a.k.a. the human Alex Pierce, revolving around an exploration of the concept of accessing/excavating synaesthetic ‘places’ and ‘presences’ during the process of musical composition. Yem Gel is known to tell musical stories, through a kind of animism. During the workshop we’ll get acquainted with the compositional method he developed.

bring these materials:
things with which you like to make sounds/music with – electric or not.


with bela, Yem Gel, LARASATI, Derozan, Whistle & Klont, NDNMK Solutions

☆ NDNMK Solutions ☆
“Ideology management”

On the 17th of November NDNMK Solutions introduces Angel Line 1M to the world during the ☆085- Phone Number Release Party with performances by NDNMK Solutions, bela, Yem Gel, LARASATI, Derozan, Whistle & Klont and a workshop by Yem Gel.

A life-changing phone number will enter the ether, promising the key to financial stability in its truest form. Unlike many influencers, healers and religions speaking of magic transformations or by becoming part of their loyal community, Angel Line 1M is different and special. and so are you.

Part of Hamburger Community’s Test Site residency in 2023, NDNMK Solutions is a multi-disciplinary entity, continuing its research into music making and authorship in a decentralized way where the audience can co-write/create, both physically and digitally. Using different methods of world building in order to build new common worlds that cultivate empathy and new myths with various magical, occult and ritual practices to map a new world and to collectively look for different futures.

☆ Yem Gel ☆
Yem Gel is a musical vision of North UK human Alex Pierce. It exists to tell music stories, through a kind of compositional animism, of, e.g., a flax-clad trunkhead throwing a sack of apples in your direction, a self-organising array of steam and pipes, an abandoned lead mine that mutters, or, a gyre of wet birds exiting cumulonimbi. The faerie circle is a timeslip!

☆ bela ☆
Originally from Paju South Korea, bela (they/them) is a musician and a performance artist based in Berlin. They are known for electronic music performance merging pungmul - a Korean folk act rooted in agricultural traditions and linked to past social movements - and vocals inspired by extreme metal. bela shapes pungmul into the ritual for queer rage and grief with sub-heavy distortions and cries. Since moving to Berlin in the autumn of 2022, they have been announced as a participant of SHAPE+ Platform 23'-24'.
bela has performed in experimental music festivals CTM Festival(DE), Unsound Kraków(PL), and Rewire Festival(NL). They also participated in European art festivals transmediale(DE) and EVA International(IE). bela has supported artists Okkyung Lee, Pharmakon, and Eli Keszler. bela is a co-runner of Sorrow Club: a mixed event series spanning from music to non-music.

LARASATI has a love for high bpm euphoric sounds that exist on the border of sentiment and chaos, meddling in a variety of genres including post club, hardcore, drum and bass, hyperpop and funkot.
They are a frequent face in the Rotterdam and international queer scene, both as visitor, DJ and organizer. You might have seen them DJ’ing at KLAUW on the Beach at Weelde or at EASEA queer clubnight GGI x Eastern Margins in Colour Factory London. They regularly organize events such as Indoqueer Diaspora Night as seen in Documenta15 in Kassel and more recently in Poing Rotterdam. Whatever LARASATI plays, one thing is for sure: it ain’t bland.

☆ Derozan ☆
Rotterdam based Derozan finds suspense in the global dance field. Experimenting with old and newly found frequencies to play without zero expectations. Suspense is found all throughout his sets, never knowing what you are up to. Derozan is also an active member of Fever Dream, hosting nightlife activities for weirdos and misfits. And co-running newly found Natiforme releasing exciting music.

☆ Whistle & Klont ☆
They are the klont and the whistle known through their high pitched air blown clumpyness. Never have they found such see through clumps as there and right then as when the ears and eyes are laid upon them. Now since they’re stuck together through high levels of viscosity and clumpness they have decided to stick together and make some rectal air pressure variance.
As a result of military propanda they are now even stickier and even more filled with holes than was presumed at first. Their walks are eversince in dissyncopation. and their feelings are like air valves from which cannonballs of heartbreak fill the voidless encounters that we all happen to have had. This makes it very easy to connect to and should make you feel right at home; comfortable + warm.
As it is you will melt and u soon realize that u are the clump of air and its always been you.
No grindcore without the grind


Presale: €10
Doorsale: €12

presale + door: €12.50
limited places available


NDNMK Solutions is part of Roodkapje's Hamburger Community.
Roodkapje’s Hamburger Community is made possible with the kind support of Gemeente Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting Ondernemersbelangen Rotterdam, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds, Fonds Podiumkunsten