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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

29 September 2023

Dorpsstraat 3 + Burger Service

Rotown x Roodkapje presents: Dorpsstraat 3
Support: Burger Service
Location: Roodkapje

For fans of: Grauzone, Kraftwerk, Bauhaus, Lebanon Hanover

Dorpsstraat 3 was created when friends discovered a basement full of old synthesizers and rhythm boxes while exploring the vacant house of a priest. As an homage to this house, the band is named after the address of this house.

Besides the discovery of this old equipment, the band also deep-dived into a sea of old genres, styles, and influences. They combine this in an ingenious way with their contemporary and dark Krautrock, no-wave, and postpunk sound. The music is dominated by synthesizers, an endlessly ticking drum computer, and the almost prophetic vocals of the frontman. Dorpsstraat 3 released their debut EP last September and played the support slot for PVA at V11 in November. Now they are back for a headline show in Roodkapje!

Burger Service will open the evening with his combination lofi, punk, Dutch and wave.

photo credit Burger Service: Mischa Veenema