Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
ART X MUSIC X FOOD and everything in between

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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

13 August 2023

CUCUMBER TIME // #02 // What would be considered trash – Omer van Soldt

CucumberTime | every Sunday in August | 19:00 | free entrance | with Cemre, Omer van Soldt, Maj Rachel, Viana Afoumou, Daijiro Hama, Ko de Kok

Under the simmering summer sun Rotterdam slides in a slow and lazy haze. With people looking for cool waters and shade, it can feel like there is not much going on…

After last year’s Cucumber Time we’re back again with a new series of Cucumber Time performances in Burgertrut every Sunday in August with the theme “our relationship with food” organised by Roodkapje volunteers Zhu Ou, Niels Werij and Ann Zhang.
With a Cake Cutting Ceremony by Cemre, performances of people indulging in the inedible, a jam session with live painting and the Human Frikandel.

Sunday the 13th of August we will indulge in the inedible together with Omer van Soldt.
Trigger warning: Food waste.
Omer van Soldt (1996) is an artist, writer and filmmaker with a practice focusing on different forms of (mis)communications, their intricacies, pitfalls and inabilities. As artists we are given or take the time to develop a vocabulary. We pick our disciplines, style, and the way we show our content. Omer chooses to speak, in many different tongues, on the way we speak, through many forms, transcening mere linguistics.
This Sunday Omer will communicate with us trough food, inedible food.

“Cake Cutting Ceremony” by Cemre

Part of the [dis]comfort food event series inviting you to eat with your elbows

“What would be considered trash”

by Omer van Soldt
a performance of people indulging in the inedible

“Frikandel Speciaal” 

by Ko de Kok
A trashy performance creating a human version of the Dutch snack “frikandel speciaal”

Maj Rachel, Viana Afoumou and Daijiro Hama

food asmr performance with live painting

Poster design: Ann Zhang