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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

23 June 2023

Search and Destroy w/ Escha (UK) + Regionale Blasting Groep

Regionale Blasting Groep presents: Search and Destroy
with Escha (London, UK), Hevngate, Gigagoon, emotion engine, DJ METROWAR, DJ Pies

For fans of: Hybrid Club, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Experimental, A multi-sensory party, with fast paced music

Regionale Blasting Groep is a Polish-Turkish DJ-crew united by the love for ruthless, soulpiercing, life-giving sounds. With genres stretching from hardcore through drum and bass to dubstep, our selections stand out with zealous, cleansing energy that we feel is lacking in the club scene. This event is an inauguration of Regionale Blasting Groep under that name and a first-ever edition of Search and Destroy (SAD) - a nomad cyclical event where we channel these melodies longterm. An important housewarming.

Oh great observer you will not know
How all of life became a show
Empty bell jars cover the floor
Tread on glass to close the door

Lay thy down to soak in thee
Broth so bright yet hard to see
Fill the mouth, nose, eyes and ears
Diluting blood, becoming tears

Branches sprouting from the pores
Release a final breath of spores
Four grey walls and 4 grey towers
Overlook this bed of flowers

presale €13 (incl. service costs)
door sale €15 (incl. service costs)