Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

2 June 2023

Raid 002 w/ Spill Gold, Paracetamøl, Chauffeur

Raid 002 w/ Spill Gold, Paracetamøl, Chauffeur

RAID is a new series of events aiming to blur the lines between club nights and conventional concerts. Inspired by the physicality and unpredictability of live performances, RAID joins forces with up and coming visual artists to deliver a sonic mash up with audiovisual enchantment.

For fans of: METZ, Knekelhuis, cosmic catharses, OSEES, La Dispute, Title Fight, Reymour

Chauffeur will start the evening/night with their unpolished, energetic, in your face garage punk. Voice, bass and drums makes for raw, catchy noise with punk, shoegaze and hardcore influences.

Spill Gold is a synth pop duo consisting of Rosa Ronsdorf and Nina de Jong. Together they create a danceable universe consisting of a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds in a polyphonic explosion of rhythm, synthesizers, voices and basslines. Spill Gold is an experiment with energy. The music is an exchange between the two musicians as well as between the stage and the dance floor, day and night, dream and sleep, trance and trip.
Based on strong pop structures, their songwriting traverses a world of Krautrock and cosmic influences at once catchy and alienating, opening the possibility for catharsis.

The Arnhem garage post-punk band Paracetamøl was born in 2019 from the love for bands such as METZ, Osees, Ty Segall and Ex Cult: raw, exciting, sincere and energetic. On stage, this foursome is an extremely intense experience: dark, hard, vicious and intense. Live, the foursome always manages to impress with ruthless shows in which there is still room for nuance in the form of creative riffs and structures within a force field of guitar and barked vocals. The group produces a varied sound, without letting go of the garage punk.