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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

10 June 2023

Poortje Herrie Festival

Poortje Herrie Festival
with ANMARI MËTSA YABI WILI, Avé Eva 369, Dagg3r, tafkak, schoco mune, Sitbq, Teresa Riemann, Vestas, RE#SISTER: Sonic Embryo: Tisa Herlec, Mariette Groot, Henrietta Müller
Roodkapje welcomes the first Poortje Herrie Festival. The festival edition of Poortje Herrie; a series of wayward concerts usually taking place in the Poortgebouw, Rotterdam

For fans of: noise, sunn o))), noise, Diamanda Galas, Harshnoise, experimental music, noise, women and enbies taking over the (noise) world, noise

Poortje Herrie Festival!

Get ready for an unforgettable night of boundary-pushing sound at Poortje Herrie Festival! This concert showcases some of the most exciting and innovative experimental music being made today, with a lineup that features predominantly women performers.

From avant-garde electronics to free jazz improvisation, Poortje Herrie will challenge your expectations and expand your sonic horizons. Whether you're a longtime fan of experimental music or a curious newcomer, this is an event not to be missed.

So mark your calendars for 10th of June and join us at Roodkapje for a night of sonic exploration and celebration. See you there!

‘schoco mune’ is a sound, noise and experimental music artist based in Amsterdam. ‘schoco mune’ gives performances in the field of free improvisation and noise using electronic instruments and devices, objects and acoustic instruments. She also organizes concerts to encourage new and upcoming methods of free expression and promotes artists who are not supported by any musical genre yet. She is a part of SOTU festival, which is musical festival for non-genre binded and diy music scene.

ANMARI MËTSA YABI WILI is an interdisciplinary experimental artist born in Switzerland and based since 2021 in the Netherlands/Rotterdam. Already during her studies as concert pianist she was dedicating her research and activities into contemporary, experimental, electronic music. Soon she started to compose her own music and concepts for other musicians. Her Duo with Niki Neecke Berlin/Basel and her collaborations with Alex Buess Basel and Pauline Oliveros NYC were initiating moments of her being and doing.

Free spaced sound and visual fields with pionier instruments of the electronic music as Ondes Martenot and Wurlitzer E-piano, combined with the newest plug ins of pro tools and more. With her large experience as concert pianist and also conductor, each performance with Anmari Mëtsa Yabi Wili on stage turns into a large experience of never heard or never expected sounds and moments.

Avé Eva 369 makes music using (analogue) synthesizers and vocals. Her performances are like a trip through heaven, hell and purgatory. As the journey continues a marriage between spirit and matter takes place and the gates open to a long lost ecstatic paradise.

+/-, a modern version of the yin/yang symbol, is the title of the debut album by Avé Eva 369. It’s a nine track journey, seen through the eyes of a spirit who has landed on planet earth and makes a labyrinthine trip through its dualistic nature. Worlds of sound arise from subtle electronic textures, transitions and rhythms. Vocals overlay these worlds creating dreamscapes. The songs examine the balance and friction between opposites like heaven/hell or male/female.

RE#SISTER is a community of women and non-binary people revolving around the electronic music studio of WORM in Rotterdam. The open character of the group and its great variety in talents, ideas, expertise and solidarity continue to result in a dynamic output. The group has been growing rapidly since 2018, now counting around 35 members.

an anti-sober, harshnoise project with a characteristic of sound crude and discourtesy, a harsh collision of screaming and cacophony fusing in the mess of half-mad grooves of life.

A mesmerizing combination of convulsive percussion and trembling noise walls, the almost exploding landscapes are being held together by the eclectic use of a fragmented voice, spontaneously reciting frazzles of the living memory of humankind. Aside from her solo projects on drums and piano she plays in the groups Naked in the Zoo and Shake the Train.

Dagg3r is a multidisciplinair artist and musician from Guatemala living in Den Haag. Using analog machines creates a layered drone noise adding field recordings loops and powered screams , laments and litanies

the artist formerly know as KUTWYV

enduring over twenty years of hardcore performance
visual violence coexisting along sounds of extreme shitnoise
now after an interlude enduring approx 3 years
this monster is once again ready to enter the void 
maak je borst maar nat

Frank Vis (Fish) is a Amsterdam based, active Noise Artist, Label owner and Performer, known for unpredictible set ups, uncountable numbers of collaborations and a high vary of sound shapes, ranging for quiet and subtle soundscapes to harshest noise walls. ”Vestas” is his newest soloproject and based around acceleration, controled by a modular system. He combines strong chaotic analog modulation with granular synthesis for spatial use in a free improvised way.

Poortje Herrie!
Poortje Herrie! is a concert series, usually held in Poortgebouw, to experience the raw and unbridled energy of experimental music that transcends the boundaries of sound and performance. Held in a gritty and legendary venue that's steeped in history and rebellion, this underground concert series brings together the most daring and rebellious musicians and performers for a truly mind-bending journey beyond the mainstream. Immerse yourself in the uncharted territories of sound and art, as you embrace the unfiltered and uncompromising nature of underground music.