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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

6 May 2023

Raid 001 w/ Daisy Ray, Plastic Persoon & Incelkiller b2b DGK

with Daisy Ray, Plastic Persoon, Incelkiller b2b DGK & visuals by Sondi

RAID is a new series of events aiming to blur the lines between club nights and conventional concerts. Inspired by the physicality and unpredictability of live performances, RAID joins forces with up and coming visual artists to deliver a sonic mash up with audiovisual enchantment.

For fans of: Electronica, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Glitch and Bass oriented sounds.

Daisy Ray:
Daisy Ray is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brussels, her sonic universe is inspired by her love for energetic clubbing, cinematic characters and dub music.

Plastic Persoon:
Plastic Persoon is a new project by musicians Sophia de Geus (45ACIDBABIES, FFOOSS) and Arjuna Vlasblom (Gita Buhari, Imhotel). Their cynical/bittersweet interpretation of Hardcore oriented sounds are inspired by the uneasiness of modern love, depression and existential dread.

DJ Incelkiller b2b DGK:
Both active as musicians from the Rotterdam Doom/Sludge Metal scene, Incelkiller (bass and vocals in VULVA) and DGK (drums and vocals in Lijkschouwer) join forces to celebrate their mutual love for glitchbreak, dub, lolicore, industrial/experimental/hardcore techno, hard-bass, breakcore and a lot of sub.

Sondi (she/her), is a media artist and multi-disciplinary graphic designer from Germany, born in Cameroon and based in the Netherlands. Her work deals with notions of home, memory, identity, belonging and heritage. She utilises new technologies as a tool for investigating and storytelling –with a focus on 3D softwares– whilst simultaneously contrasting them with analogue techniques. Through these technologies she creates spaces where remembrance, ancestry and imagination enter into being.

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Door sale €19