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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

21 May 2023

O. | Mud and Sticky Band: On Desire

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Roodkapje and O. are pleased to present the debut concert of the sculptural pop group Mud and Sticky Band by artist Natalia Sorzano accompanied by Fyn [sarafina] Paulina Bonita, Mariana Jurado, Lucija Gregov, and Paloma Plantenga. In this musical and gooey performance, the band's sculptural members come to life through the activation of live performers. Contaminated creatures, made of pop culture rubbish and natural remains, are the result of her ongoing musical and embodied exploration of relationships between matter, space and bodies fueled by intuition and desire. (Pop) Music and sound are always an important part of Natalia's work, which she uses to address material, non-linear and opaque habits. in which she allows intuition to transcend rationality.

Natalia is a mixed media artist based between Bogotá (Colombia) and Rotterdam, working primarily with/through mixed media installations (video, sculpture, and painting), music, and performances to video. In her work she inquires how relations unfold in the different cultural tissues she inhabits. She does so by focusing her attention on the negotiation of belief systems, identity and histories in urban and rural landscapes. She is drawn to the formation of symbols embedded in these interactions and how they disguise interpretations of everyday life, violence, desire and politics. Folding these into her work, they lead her to create macabre and phantasmagoric re-imaginings of reality.

Natalia is co-founder of the facilitative platform GHOST, the artist-run community space/les university of life Tender Center Rotterdam, and a board member of the organization for Latinx trans and queer immigrants Papaya Kuir. She works as an educator at the WdKA in Rotterdam and has been a guest tutor in different academies in the Netherlands. In 2022 she was a member of Roodkapje’s Hamburger Community of Art.

Tickets through O.:
Ticket performance €7.50
Day ticket/passe-partouts O. €35