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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

30 May 2023

Model / Actriz + Laundry Days

Rotown presents: Model / Actriz
support: Laundry Days

For fans of: Fuck Buttons, Liars, Xiu Xiu, SUUNS

Model/Actriz creeps in on the unsuspected listener with the volume of a wrecking ball. The heavy, electronic beats make your spine shake and jaw break. The vocals of frontman Cole Haden are like a conversation carried out rhythmically, a poetic dialogue with the endlessly pumping dance floor violence.

After a handful of singles they released their debut Dogsbody in late February, a dark and industrial record that is most suitable for the dead of night. Their music has a certain cyberpunk feeling, an impression of industrial areas with metal machines that spark and spit fire. Model/Actriz is a hard-to-describe, in-your-face act that reveals the dark underworld for a larger audience.

Rotterdam’s newest band, Laundry Days, with a new single coming out soon, are ready to make a splash in the scene. Dark and mesmerizing new wave with members from Paterson, Neighbours Burning Neighbours and Library Card. Kraut-grooves, indie rock hooks & genuine vocals that’ll leave you awestruck & wanting.

€ 11,50 (incl. € 1,50 service fee)