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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

23 May 2023

Lecture: Stach Szumski – Introduction to Insane Temple

On the 23rd of May we're welcoming artist Stach Szumski to give a lecture on his archeofuturistic work and a presentation of his new publishing platform called Insane Temple.

Stach Szumski, born in 1992 in Gdansk (Poland), is a visual and sound artist. Stach Szumski quotes and deconstructs iconographic motifs used in interpersonal communication since its inception: from prehistoric wall paintings or medieval symbols to contemporary graffiti, prison tattoo designs and deconstructed logotypes. He weaves symbols from different eras and cultures into organic, meta-constellations. His paintings are usually created in the form of improvisation, often supported by historical research. He has exhibited among others in Tokyo, Kyoto, Mexico City, Bucharest, Prague or Jogjakarta.

During the lecture Szumski will give a presentation of archeological research on neolithic petroglyphs located in Galicia, Spain, as well as an introduction to Stach's new publishing platform titled Insane Temple, with a short presentation of upcoming projects; a.o. The Sudeten Lichen Macrophotography Database, a presentation about the archeofuturistic concept of PostThermomodernisation - speculative vision of future archeology concentrating on analysing facade layers of postsoviet blocks, adressing topics related to eastern european thermomodernisation processes that are affecting the shape of the old architecture and coating early 2000s graffiti layers with styrofoam.

Stach Szumski is invited by Roodkapje's Hamburger Community resident Emir Karyo.
Residents of the community are free to show their own work as well as invite other artists, musicians or collaborators to present during their residency. This gives them the opportunity to test out ideas directly with the public and to engage with different audiences.

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Doors: 20:30
Start: 21:00

€ 3,50,- presale (incl. service costs)
€ 4,50 - door (incl. service costs)