Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

20 April 2023

Animation Screenings // Riso, paper, scissors

12, 20 April
Animation Screenings
Cosy movie nights filled with animation and experimental cinema
Presale €5 (ex. service costs)
Door sale €8

Animation Screenings will be two full evenings featuring captivating, whimsical and personal short films shown on a big screen in an intimate and warm setting in Roodkapje alongside the exhibition 'Riso, paper, scissors'.
The film program links and extends the working period of Hocus Bogus Publishing together with the 2023 Hamburger Community of Roodkapje residents. A 2 hour feast for your eyes and ears, with some special live performances and musical appetizers.

Through an open call an international selection of independent visual artists, all working with moving images in one way or the other, have been selected.

Program on the 20th of April:
Edd Carr Here Comes The Wildfire
Mike Moonen & Joep Hinssen Video Chrumky 2.5
Celine Caly Earthing Bodies
Michelle Doyle, Cóilín O'Connell and Eva Richardson McCrea Yoga for the eyes
Collette Rayner **Shunt
Iris van Velzen & Mirte Kort Gridded Behaviour
Faysal Mroueh Stone Licker
Nigel van Roijen WAR
Jemima de Jonge Uprooted

Click for the program of Animation Screenings on the 12th of april

7 April
Grand opening of the exhibition Riso, Paper, Scissors

7 April - 23 April
Exhibition Riso, Paper, Scissors](
Wed-Fri 15:00-20:00
Sat-Sun 12:00-20:00
free entrance

9, 16, 23 April
Animation Playground](
Free walk-in Riso print animation workshops

12, 20 April
Animation Screenings**
Cosy movie nights with animation and experimental cinema
Presale €5 (ex. service costs)
Door sale €8

Riso, Paper, Scissors
the exhibition/project/hang out:

To loosen up the new 2023 Hamburger Community residents, Hocus Bogus Publishing is organizing a Riso animation exploration bonanza. Transforming Roodkapje's shared exhibition space into an analogue animation laboratory, Hocus Bogus Productions fills the space with an A3 Riso machine, photocopier, overhead projectors and lots of hand tools. A one month's deep dive into animation in which Riso, Paper, Scissors is acting as a hub; serving as a breeding ground for exchange, dialogue, and play between the residents and the public. A coming together of different hands, limbs and ideas.

The starting point is the idea that animation can be approached as a perpetual experimentation of cutting, pasting and printing. By (re)mixing and sampling analog as well as digital material, the residents will explore the animation medium beyond its traditional boundaries of perfectly drawn frames. Instead using things such as lo-fi office prints; Riso printed wobbly sketches or a LIVE GIF shadow play to think outside the animation frame. With many hands (making light work) and a playful attitude this one month animation bonanza the aim is to create a generous experience for magical misfit moving images.

Hocus Bogus Publishing creates the first mentorship trajectory for Roodkapje's Hamburger Community residence of 2023. The trajectory is directly related to last year's Smudged Soil exhibition and a continuing interest into combining analog and digital reproduction techniques. During the Smudged Soil project, the '22 residents took a plunge into analog techniques and made almost no use of the computer to print images. Collages and body parts were scanned and printed directly through the machine. Layers of printed materials were printed randomly on top of each other, creating unique combinations of image/content and colors. Through this way of working, through the loss of control and "authorship" the printed images transcended the paper, becoming more of a performative act.

On the Sundays during Riso, paper, scissors the studio will be open for visitors to come in and join the fun. Free entry and no reservation required! Materials are present, but visitors are welcomed to bring their own. Besides setting up a production studio, part of the exhibition space will turn into a small movie theater. Visitors can view animations, documentations and engage with the residents. During two special film evenings a selection of short films relating to animation and experimental cinema will be screened on a big screen.