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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
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11 March 2023


The official afterparty of Stukafest Rotterdam 2023.

At StukaNight, all visitors, volunteers and performers of StukaFest Rotterdam will come together to celebrate the afterparty of the festival at Roodkapje. Here they will be warmed up by the uplifting band AMAGUK. When the temperature has risen enough, DJ’s Ha and Dey.Rey both will be playing a set to ensure the party goes on.

23:00 Doors open
23:15 AMAGUK
00:30 DJ Ha
01:45 Dey.Rey

Ticket price StukaNight - €12,79
Tickets for 3 rounds + StukaNight - €20,79

AMAGUK is a seamless mix of progressive rock, D&B, jazz, and mediterranean influenced music that is full of surprises. Inimitable and unique, somewhere between King Crimson, Jojo Mayer, and Black Midi. The band's main distinctive feature is the lack of a bassist. An unconventional set-up made possible by the modifications on their instruments which allows them to take on the role of the bassist alternatively. They never fail to impress their audience with their energetic stage presence and powerful compositions. In 2019 they were awarded as Best Soloists at the Erasmus Competition. I invite you to visit their Instagram and listen to their debut album!

Sounds like / recommended for fans of:
King Crimson, Jojo Mayer, and Black Midi

Want to gain free entry to Stuka Night? Consider signing up as a volunteer for StukaFest! More info:

Just as her roots, Ha belongs all over the place. She feels most connected to urban music, but she experiments with different elements such as bass and electro sounds.

Dey.Rey is always there to bring some sexy energy to every event. Dey.Rey’s versatile music style is influenced by a mix of genres such as Drum and Bass, Baile Funk, Jersey Club and more.