Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

21 January 2023


Let's get furry Otterdance comes to Roodkapje to lay down the beats that'll make you shake your tailfeathers. Costumes are welcome but not necessary: A monitored "headless lounge" provides a comfortable place for costumers to change and store your stuff. (No glitter or body paint, though.)

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Come join other fans of anthropomorphic arts as we get down to four great DJs from the furry community:

Gothicat (UK), 1900-2030
We open with a very special guest allllll the way from England, where they’re a long-time fixture in the furry music scene. Gothicat is an alternative-loving Cheshire cat who gets everyone grinning! Hear them several times a week on Catnip Radio. We’re thrilled they’re making the trip!

2030-2200: Mayk (NL)
Mayk, also known as BeatBird, transitions us into a groovy house session that pumps up the bass and BPMs to higher highs. With an emphasis on Deep House and Techno, he’ll make your body move to the beat at his first ever Otterdance.

2200-2330: Vegaz (NL)
DJ Vegaz is a relative newcomer to the scene, but he impressed us with his smooth, danceable DnB. He’s a fursuiter (and a big fan of Formula 1), and also a huge rock ‘n’ roll lover. Expect driving beats, tight turns, and screeching sounds as he makes his debut at Otterdance.

Lynn Drumm (NL), 2330-0100
Lynn stunned us at the first Otterdance, and now she’s back! She closes out the night with her own take on Drum ‘n’ Bass and Jungle styles. She’s a resident DJ at Cheeky Monday (at Melkweg in Amsterdam), and has played at Nordic Fuzzcon in addition to numerous demoscene events over the past decade including Revision and Outline.

1900-2030: Gothicat (UK)
2030-2200: Mayk (NL)
2200-2330: Vegaz (NL)
2330-0100: Lynn Drumm (NL)

Tickets prices are exclusive of €1 ticketing fee:
Early Birb (until 2359, 11 December): €10
Advance (until 2359, 20 January): €16
* €21 at the door