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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

10 December 2022

Pretty//Ugly: Bug + Designer Violence

The first event in Roodkapje by Pretty//Ugly!

Wild synthesizers, untamed beats and emotional vocals. Two women screaming in your face. Designer Violence formed out of a shared passion for underground 80s and 90s artists. Armed with an arsenal of synths, samplers and a bass VI, the band’s sound crosses post-punk, wave, techno and industrial with raw and wayward flair.

Armed with their second album and a whole new live setup, Designer Violence will bring the electronic punk of their 2nd album, We Gave Peace A Chance, to the masses.

"Daring intimacy, don’t get to close.. We bite. We let the energy fuck our attendees until their holes are filled with hot garbage <3 Get ready for orgies and moshpits!"

Bug is not afraid of showcasing the human body, going berserk to hyper energetic electro beats.
In Bug's performances, artistic space is given to fairly taboo forms of sexual preferences - femdom, pet play, ABDL, exhibitionism/voyeurism etc.

for fans of: Nine Inch Nails, HEALTH, Lady Gaga, HIDE, Atari Teenage Riot, Death Grips, Die Antwoord, Ho99o9

DJ sets by
Baba Yaga

Visuals: Debby Downer

Doors: 21:00
First act: 22:00

€9,- presale (incl. service costs)
€ 11,- door (incl. service costs)

🎶 "The invention and future of music" 🎵
Pretty//Ugly organizes shows in DIY venues with hardly any budget and is grateful for every volunteer making these nights possible, for every dance and euro visitors will give to the artists, for every eruption of energy transmitted between the artists and the audience.

Hungry before the show?
Feel welcome to join us for dinner at Burgertrut for the best home made veggie, vegan and organic beef burgers in town!

Join our Roodkapje community as a volunteer during live events. Meet like-minded people in a cultural environment and attend events for free (2 shifts equals free entrance to an event). Furthermore you’ll get a volunteer fee and you’ll be a part of the ever growing cultural community of Roodkapje. There are many ways to contribute as a volunteer, we’re always offering shifts as: exhibition attendants, building crew, event bartenders, ticket sellers and photographers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for questions or new ideas.
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