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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

11 November 2022

Magic Zine Riso Workshop with Hocus Bogus Publishing

Magic Zine Riso Workshop with Hocus Bogus Publishing
10.00-17.00 break from 13.00-14.00
Limited places: 5
Ticket price including (vegan) lunch, coffee and materials: €45,-

Does the fusion of vibrant printing colours on heavy paper sound delicious to you? Do you get excited by origamically folding a booklet into a poster to hang above your bed? Come to our Magic Zine Workshop, hosted by Hocus Bogus Publishing, in which you will learn the basics of Risograph printing and zine making AND take your own zine home afterwards!

In this hands-on one-day workshop you will use the Risograph RZ 1070E digital duplication machine to print your own foldable one-page zine and poster. Hocus Bogus Publishing has the following colours available:
HD BLACK BLUE FLUORESCENT ORANGE SUNFLOWER GREEN *FLUORESCENT PINK and can print up to A3. For this workshop you will print two colours. You can bring your images/drawings to the workshop which we’ll transform into a two layered Riso print. Hocus Bogus Publishing will provide templates and send you specifications after you sign up.

Risograph printing
Risograph printing is a technique best described as a 'digital screen printing'. The process is similar to screen printing, but with the convenience of an office copier. It's known for its vivid colours (that other printers can't produce) and its specific textures. These machines deliver ‘perfect imperfections’ and provide a cheap and easy method for reproducing work at large quantities, like posters, prints and zines. The ink is soy-based and transparent, so colours will blend into each other creating surprising medleys.

Hocus Bogus Publishing
Since January 2021 Hocus Bogus Publishing has moved into Roodkapje and brought their whole printing studio with them. Hocus Bogus Publishing is a self publishing/distribution project initiated in 2015 by visual artist and zine lover Dennis Muñoz Espadiña. HBP is a merry mix of DIY Punk attitude and fine art aesthetics. Publications range from black and white zines; underground comix, to pamphlets and posters and micro artist editions. HBP aims to be a platform for showcasing and distributing the strange and wonderful aspects of printed matter.