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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

12 November 2022 - 27 November 2022

EXHIBITION | Spectre, Nightmare

EXHIBITION | Spectre, Nightmare

Opening: November 12, 17.00-23.00
Exhibition Dates: November 13 - November 26

Time Table opening
Saturday 12 November
17:00 - 23:00
17.30  Performance by Mette Sterre
18.30 Performance by Lou Lou Sainsbury
19.30 Performance wet dreamzZz

Hamburger Community of Art residents Lou Lou Sainsbury, Ratri Notosudirdjo, Natalia Sorzano, Simon Keizer and mentor-artist Mette Sterre come together to investigate the intersections of their practices and fascinations. Guided by the theme of horror, mascots and talismans they are producing a collective work and presentation within an incubator with unforeseen and thrilling outcomes.

We are excited to find out what can manifest in a five day pressure cooker in which the Hamburger Community Residents and Mette Sterre tussle and entangle their practices collectively. The outcome will be determined during these days and can take the form of a performance, a video, an installation or anything in between. The work is on show for two weeks in Roodkapje and activated at the chilling opening on Saturday the 12th of November.

Stories, performance, sound and rituals form a collective motif in the works of Mette, Lou Lou, Ratri, Natalia and Simon. The nodes in which their practices connect offer fertile ground for artistic research, exchange and production. Lou Lou for example questions how bodies (human and more-than-human) can trouble historicity and geography, often writing slippery, trans* narratives for (im)possible worlds in the realm of science-fiction and gothic horror. While Natalia explores how interpretations of everyday life, history, and death can be found through practices of relation, worship, and mythological storytelling, leading to occult and phantasmagoric imaginings of reality. Ratri’s practice investigates the place rituals can have in a contemporary art context and aspires to express softness through ritual, language and the process of meaning-making. And Simon sees art as a powerful tool for selfcare and caring for each other. By creating worlds where Simon and the audience can create performances together, he aims to create a collective body of work. Especially for this workweek, the HCA residents work together with Mette Sterre, Mette investigates how the human contour can be disturbed in the broadest sense, both ideologically and materially, in order to question what more we can be, other than human beings.

Roodkapje invited Mette to be a mentor for the Hamburger Community of Art of 2022 because of her long history of performances and installations at Roodkapje and because we admire her dynamic and intuitive work.